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Streaming has been a wonderful idea in the gaming and gambling world for many years. But now, buying games online and streaming them is much easier than purchasing games and removing it from the console when switching games. Now that there are extra features on the console, the future is quite bright. Streaming gameplay involves sharing the games you often play and your reactions in real time with a remote audience base. In simple terms, it is just like bringing the entire world of the internet to your gaming space.

Considering some of the most popular game live streaming platforms, Twitch is in the front line with strong competition from YouTube gaming and mixer (Owned by Microsoft for Windows and Xbox).

How to become a live video game streamer?

Why Start Game Live Streaming? Pros and Cons 2

Here are some tips that could prove valuable when it comes to setting up your live streaming career.

Learn how to stream

This might seem like a no brainer, but you will have to be familiar with the streaming software and tools you pick up before actually putting up any content. Learn how to set up streaming videos . After all, no viewer wants to watch you fumble with the sound and visual quality.

Invest in decent streaming equipment

It is not viable trying to grow an audience when you don’t have the right streaming equipment to stream with. Your streaming tools are as important as the content you are going to stream.

Choose your niche

It’s challenging to be original in the sea of already established live game streamers. However, you have to stand out from the crowd if you want to establish yourself. Make sure that your entertainment is fun to watch so that the audience will grow.

Maintain consistency

This is important to every game streamer, especially for beginners who want to stream daily to grow your viewer base.

Interact with your viewers

Once you start growing your viewership, it is important to interact with them. Be sure to check your chat often to know that your viewers are thinking about what you are doing.

Pros and cons of game live streaming

Pros in a nutshell

  • It is engaging.
  • You are reaching out a real-time audience.
  • You can control your messages.
  • It leads to a long viewer-time than normal on-demand video content.
  • You can mine real-time stats to see how your content is performing.

It’s live and organic

The great thing about live game streaming is its liveliness and authenticity. It offers your viewers a chance to access and enjoy live content with ease. Most of the live streaming platforms which integrate game streaming also let viewers leave live comments. It is a big advantage to be able to engage directly with your viewers while you are still producing live content.


Unlike normal TV networks where you cannot watch on-demand videos, pause or rewind, live streaming offers you complete flexibility. It offers full flexibility to control the console the way you want. Using a console means there are no advertisements while you watch and stream your favorite games.


With games, as you are not purchasing the hard copy, the overall price for games would be less than what you pay in an Xbox store.

Power and control

While brands might proclaim the advantages of live game streaming, games are not just the sole beneficiaries of the business. Indeed, the gaming industry is a business and brand will hardly push for a technology that it can’t benefit from, one way or another. When it comes to game streaming, the profits don’t just come in the way of money they make but in the losses that you are able to prevent.


Game streaming subtly solves the issues of piracy. In the majority of implementations, the games aren’t downloaded or don’t even exist in the local device, at least not completely. Only input commands and pictures are sent back and forth between the gaming machine and the server.

In short, there is nothing as such to pirate. In addition, access to games are tied solely to the user account. So unless the account of the game gets hacked, there is no one else other than the user can play the game.

Cons of game live streaming content

On the flip side, there are some real challenges to live stream videos primarily as there isn’t just one solution or an ideal solution. As easy and affordable live streaming has become, there still is a pretty good amount of technological set up much more than video recording.


To stream your gaming content, you need to have a Wi-Fi connection or else your console may become a patchy or go offline completely in between the stream. If you are feeding Wi-Fi from any public area or from an unstable source, it won’t be strong enough to facilitate your streaming activities.


Ensure that you create fresh content as much as possible. You have to work through your legalities to add content to stream. Your ability to add content often or regularly depends on the legal feasibility and other factors.


As consoles are different, it might be hard to troubleshoot. It can be challenging for a gamer who is not familiar with the usage of remotes for the console. If you play video games, I recommend you use a console. A console not only saves space, but it also saves money and is an all-in-one device. If you are not much into gaming but still want to watch your shows, you can continue in the old way.


Ownership particular those of digital goods is especially tricky. Unless you are working on Linux, the software you use on Mac or your PC isn’t yours. You are just buying a license and asking permission from the owner. Games are not different, but the existence of physical discs makes you feel like you own the game. With game streaming, you don’t own a game, you are just renting it.


Why Start Game Live Streaming? Pros and Cons 3

Game streaming sounds good for both games and for brands. Keeping legal and ethical considerations aside, the biggest stumbling block is still technology. Technology and internet advancements have yet to reach a point where games streaming is no longer something only privileged people can enjoy. So, is game streaming the future? Yes, it is, if game publishers and game makers have adequate control over it.

Most importantly, enjoy your stream and ensure you choose the right live streaming platform. If you are not enjoying your stream, it is doubtful that your viewers aren’t going to. Do not allow the pressure of viewers to take the fun out of streaming live games.

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