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It’s quite rare for AAA games these days to not have a season pass attached to it, and Watch Dogs: Legion is no exception. A season pass gives you access to all future DLC, rather than having to buy each one separately as they are released. Watch Dogs: Legion is the third instalment for the Watch Dogs franchise, and is set in London, England. While the base game offers near 20 hours of fun, the season pass will add new missions, characters, skins, and areas.

Here’s everything there is to know about the Watch Dogs: Legion season pass.

What is the Watch Dogs: Legion Season Pass?

As with other AAA games, the Watch Dogs: Legion Season Pass is a separate purchase to the main game, that gives you access to additional content. If you’ve already purchased a premium version of the game, such as the Collector’s Edition, Ultimate, or Gold version, then you’ll be given the Season Pass for ‘free’. It’s understandable to wonder whether it’s worth the cost, as the season pass is almost as much as the base game. Below we will outline everything you can expect to gain from owning the season pass.

The Season Pass gives the following content:

  • Watch Dogs: Complete Edition
  • Four new characters: Aiden Pearce, Wrench, Darcy, Mina
  • Three DedSec missions: Not in Our Name, Guardian Protocol, Swipe Right
  • DedSec Car Skin
  • Two DLCs

The majority of the above list is fairly self explanatory, but for the two DLCs included, there isn’t too much information available. However, we do know that the first DLC to be released will be called Bloodline, featuring Aiden Pearce, who some of you may remember from the first game in the series. Wrench will also be available, who is from the second game. Another two characters, named Mina and Darcy, will be available too.

The three missions Not In Our Name, Guardian Protocol, and Swipe Right will also be available from the get-go, aiding the DedSec hacktivist group. The car skin can be used on any of your vehicles as you see fit. You will also get to play the first two games, which is a really nice addition.

Is the Watch Dogs: Legion Season Pass Worth It?

Now the main question now is whether the Watch Dogs: Legion Season Pass is worth it or not. Honestly, it depends on you as a player. Are you someone who can’t get enough of Watch Dogs as a whole and want to play as much as possible? Then I think the season pass is definitely worth it. If you’re someone who plays the bare minimum of a storyline, and isn’t too worried about extra story arches and such, then I think your money is better spent elsewhere.

Gaining the first two games is pretty nice though for a season pass. If you’re someone starting Watch Dogs with Legion, it could be a good way to go back and play the first two games to full understand what’s going on in the Watch Dogs universe.

Having said that, like we mentioned above, if you’re unlikely to want to play these games, it’s quite an expensive price for three missions, 4 characters and a car skin.

Watch Dogs: Legion season pass will be available for PC, PS4, Xbox One, as well as PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

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