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If you’re looking for a current up-to-date list for all the Warframe promo codes that are available, we have you covered. While we will try our hardest to keep this list as current as possible, promo codes do come and go every few months. Wee will list all of the currently available promo codes, as well as archive codes that have either expired, or have come out of circulation.

Full Warframe promo codes list

Most promo codes available in Warframe just unlock glyphs, but some can unlock other items that you will be able to keep permanently, or will expire after a certain amount of time. As stated above, once a code expires it will be moved to the archived sub-heading.

How to redeem Warframe promo codes

Each promo code can be used once per account, and should be available on every single platform.

To use a promo code, click this link. To make using them as easy as possible, we recommend that you open up a new browser tab or window, and swap between the two as you copy and paste them in.

If you’d prefer to redeem in-game, that’s an option too! All you need to do is go to the Marker while you’re in your Orbiter, then select ‘Redeem Code’.

warframe promo codes

Active Warframe promo codes

Promo CodeConfirmation StatusContents
ADMIRALBAHROOUp 2019.02.16Glyph
BRICKYUp 2019.02.16Glyph
BROZIMEUp 2019.02.16Glyph
BURNBXXUp 2019.02.16Glyph
BWANAUp 2019.02.16Glyph
CHARUp 2019.02.16Glyph
COHHCARNAGEUp 2019.02.16Glyph
DEEJAYKNIGHTUp 2019.02.16Glyph
DIMITRIV2Up 2019.02.16Glyph
DJTECHLIVEUp 2019.02.16Glyph
DKDIAMANTESUp 2019.02.16Glyph replaced Glyph
FROZENBALLZUp 2019.02.16Glyph
GRINDHARDSQUADUp 2019.03.01Glyph
HOMIINVOCADOUp 2019.02.16Glyph
IFLYNNUp 2019.02.16Glyph
JOEYZEROUp 2019.02.16Glyph
LILLEXIUp 2019.02.16Glyph
LYNXARIAUp 2019.02.16Glyph
MAKARIMORPHUp 2019.02.16Glyph
MCGAMERCZUp 2019.02.16Glyph
MCIKUp 2019.02.16Glyph
MIKETHEBARDUp 2019.02.16Glyph code replaced TVSBOH
MOGAMUUp 2019.02.16Glyph replaced Glyph
N00BLSHOWTEKUp 2019.02.16Glyph
r/warframeUp 2019.02.16Glyph
SHULUp 2019.02.16Glyph
SKILLUPUp 2019.02.16Glyph
STRIPPINUp 2019.02.16Glyph
TACTICALPOTATOUp 2019.02.16Glyph
TEAWREXUp 2019.02.16Glyph
THEDEADHAVEDEBTS newUp 2019.03.28Glyph
TOTALN3WBUp 2019.02.16Glyph
TRIBUROSUp 2019.02.16Glyph
UNREALYUKIUp 2019.02.16Glyph
WANDERBOTSUp 2019.02.16Glyph

Some of the following codes are either permanently retired, or will come back at an undefined date.

Promo CodeConfirmation StatusContents
BIKEMANDown 2019.01.19Glyph
EARSONDown 2018.11.24Fortuna Cache Code
FALSEPROFITDown 2019.01.21Nef Anyo Glyph, Fortuna 2.0 Video
FN68-8RML-MLH6-GM2NDown 2018.02.16Plains of Eidolon release, Vectis weapon & Tekelu skin
FREESWORDDown 2019.01.17Heat Sword w/ Catalyst, Weapon slot, 5k credits
GUARDIANCON2018Down 2018.07.21GuardianConGlyph
KINGGOTHALIONDown 2019.01.07Glyph
LABOROFLOVEDown 2019.01.07Glyph
OLDFRIENDDown 2018.07.21Sacrifice Quest release, Prime Tea Set decoration, Booster
PCGAMINGSHOW2016Down 2018.11.24Dark Split Sword Dulus Skin
PSIVDown 2018.07.11PS4 Release, special color pallette
QUIETTESHYDown 2018.07.11Glyph
SOLARISUNITEDDown 2019.02.01Fortuna ARG Sigil
SPACENINJADown 2018.07.11One-time use 20% platinum discount, in-game only?
SP00NERISMDown 2019.01.19Glyph
SUMMIT1GDown 2019.01.19Glyph
TENNOSKOOMDown 2018.07.11Eagle Mod Pack
TERMINALBIGFLIPDown 2019.01.07Fortuna K-Drive Scrawl
TVSBOHDown 2019.03.26see MIKETHEBARD
TWOGRAKATADown 2018.07.11Booster(s)
VOIDCRYSTALDown 2018.07.11Booster(s)
WARFRAMEDown 2018.07.05Booster(s)
WARWITHINDown 2018.07.11The War Within Quest release, Grineer Queens Glyph

We hope this list has been useful, and if you find that codes are no longer valid, please leave a comment below so that we can update this list. We wish you the best of luck on your adventures!

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