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Watching our beloved feline companions being entertained and happy is one of the most rewarding experiences for any cat owner. Sometimes, due to work or home obligations, we aren’t able to give as much attention to our cats as we’d like. Luckily for us though, is that we live in the digital age where many content creators on YouTube create and upload videos with a very niche audience in mind; cats.

Can cats watch TV?

Just like with humans, the interest level that cats will show towards the TV will vary from cat to cat. The type of screen will also make a difference too. Although, unless you’re rocking a TV set that’s over 10 years old, you shouldn’t need to worry. Cats will not be able to process lower Hz screens, but higher Hz will not be a problem.

Why do cats love watching videos?

Purrrfect Videos For Cats That They Will LOVE! 1

Cats are very inquisitive animals. They love to watch and they love to interact. This is why videos with other cats, squirrels, insects, birds, and any other “prey” animal are the most popular for cats.

It’s thought that the domestication of our feline friends is the result for their interest in the digital world. Cats are often bought due to their low maintenance nature, in comparison to a dog, and are popular with people who live in urban environments. This has resulted in a lot of indoor-only cats, which will never receive the same amount of stimulation as their outdoor counterparts.

The windows in these built-up areas may not have a great view, so for the people/animal-watching moggys out there, they won’t be fulfilled. These cats can, unfortunately, become depressed, stressed and bored.

Cat videos are beneficial

Allowing your cat, especially if it’s an indoor cat, to watch videos featuring prey animals or fast twitch-style games, will definitely give them some excitement. Obviously this stimulation can never replace the real thing, but for those who don’t have the luxury of letting their cat out or giving them attention 24/7, then these videos are a fantastic substitute.

There are many videos for cats on YouTube, and below we have listed our favorite. All have been tested with our own cat.

Bird videos for cats

Fish videos for cats

Mouse videos for cats

Squirrel videos for cats

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