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Have you considered IT support yet? If not, you may be in trouble. The range of IT-related services a business needs these days is overwhelming. Getting all of them from an in-house IT team is often impossible.

Some startups and small businesses don’t realize how much they are missing by failing to take full advantage of managed IT experts. Hiring as many specialists as business needs is hardly possible due to formidable expenses. A simple way out is to choose managed IT support.

The managed service market is expected to grow by $283 billion by 2023. That’s more than 40% in five years. The reason is high demand due to versatility and low costs.

Are you still wondering whether your business needs managed IT support? These few points can give you a slight push in the right direction. Remember, everyone else is already doing it. Why are you behind?

1. Keeping IT Costs Low

These days, it’s impossible to run a business without a computer, network, and website. Even if you own a bakery that has been in business for decades and has hundreds of customers, you still need marketing.

Promoting your business involves online presence, emails marketing, quick response time, and much more. All of the above is only possible if you have proper IT support.

Hiring an IT team to sit in your bakery is hardly feasible. You don’t have space or budget to accommodate it. However, you can easily sign a contract with a managed IT support service provider.

Such companies give you access to numerous specialists that can address your problems as they appear, giving you peace of mind.

2. Outdoing The Competition

Besides tinkering with your laptop and installing antivirus software, specialists from managed IT support company does plenty of industry monitoring. They offer proactive support. What it means is that a team of experts is always ready to offer suggestions about the way you run your business in relation to IT.

According to managed IT support experts from PreciseIT, such professionals should keep you up to date with innovations and possibilities to help your business grow. This is one of the very few things you can do to outrun the competition especially if it’s truly fierce.

IT specialists aren’t just following the “broken – fix it” algorithm. They make sure to catch the problem before it arises. They also offer valuable advice.

3. Cloud Migration

Cloud operation is one of the most talked about innovations in the IT realm. Moving your business to the cloud allows you to keep your information secure while having access to it anytime and anywhere.

Cloud migration is delicate and complex. Such a process requires professional assistance. A top-notch managed IT support company offers cloud migration and cloud support services in order to keep your business functioning at its best.

4. Security

More than 40% of all cyber attacks are aimed at small businesses. It’s up to the managed IT support specialists to ensure you aren’t hurt by an attack. Today, keeping your data safe is much more than simply installing antivirus software.

IT experts work out a special set of measures to keep your information secure. These services are especially demanded by companies that work with sensitive data and store their clients’ information.

If you still don’t have a disaster recovery plan in place, you should hurry. The hackers are waiting for business owners to make a mistake of failing to secure their data.

5. Quick Response Time

If something goes wrong with hardware or software you are working with, you need it fixed ASAP. Business owners often can’t afford to waste time. That’s why IT specialists have to be ready to respond as soon as their help is necessary.

If you choose a local managed IT support company, the specialists can arrive within minutes. Being able to relax and not worry about failed software during an important meeting with clients is priceless.

Most managed IT support companies offer round-the-clock service. Even though it comes with a formidable price tag, such service ensures complete security and safety of your data and equipment.

6. Custom Software Development

Finding a company that offers custom software development is easy. Making sure it does the job right is harder than it seems. According to software developers at Miropoint, it’s always easier to create software for companies you have worked with before.

Managed IT support specialists, who have serviced your company in the past, are likely to have an easier time developing software since they already know the ins and outs of your business.

7. Flexibility

As your business grows and develops, you need new IT services. Managed IT support providers have access to as many specialists as you need so your company can grow without worrying about satisfying its new demands.

Your in-house team is hardly just as flexible. Most likely, you would need to hire new specialists to meet your new needs. Such an approach leads to extra expenses and time spent on looking for new staff.  With managed IT support company, all you need is to add an extra point to the contract.

The majority of large and small businesses is already taking full advantage of managed IT support services. Don’t miss your chance to outrun the competition.

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