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There are three big games in the world of esports that every gamer on the planet knows, and has likely tried their hand at; League of Legends, Counter-Strike, and Defence of the Ancients. All three have been around in some version of their current or prior iterations for at least a decade now.

There have been incredibly dominant teams and players in every competitive gaming community, but for the sake of time will focus on only those three. If you want to try your hand at following the esports scene and predicting a future team to end up on this list, you should explore the best sports betting sites.

5. G2 Esports – League of Legends

As you may be aware, the League of Legends World Championships is currently running. This coming weekend will see the quarter-finals kick-off and then there will only be four teams remaining to be candidates as the best League of Legends team in 2019. In the mix is the European powerhouse, G2. Now while you might think of this list as the world’s sole best team, I am putting an asterisk next to this one. G2 has been by far the most dominant team in the European region for all of 2019. Further, unlike the South Korean and Chinese regions which have a stronger plethora of talent which saw some turnover this past year, G2 crushed their European competitors from the get-go all the way through until this week. Additionally, G2 is the current Mid-Season Invitational champion, a title they hold by eliminating Invictus Gaming in the semi-finals. G2 has taken care of business against everyone this year winning the LEC Spring Split, MSI, Rift Rivals versus North America, and the Summer Split. So maybe, just maybe, they will be good enough to be crowned #1 in the world in a few weeks time.

4. Team Liquid – Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Team Liquid is one of the largest esports organizations on the planet these days. What began as a relatively boutique operation, has expanded to be the face of a dozen teams and top players in every significant esport. Their LoL team has represented North America on the international stage, reaching the MSI Grand Finals this past year. Their Dota2 team won that game’s greatest prize in 2017 in lifting the Aegis and being the most dominant team in the game for almost two years. However, here at #5 we have the Team Liquid CSGO team. It is an assembly of North America’s most talented counter-strike players; Nitro, Elige, Naf, Twistzz, and the ‘smoke-criminal’ himself Stewie2k. This past year saw them absolutely crush the international scene. They won every tournament they attended over a six-month duration and were the fastest team to ever win the ESL million dollar prize. They come in at #5 simply because they have yet to win CSGO’s most-coveted trophy, a major title.

3. San Francisco Shock – Overwatch

A month ago the second season of the Overwatch League concluded with the San Francisco Shock taking it home! The season began with an average, but respectable 4-3 record in Stage 1. However, after that, the Shock took it to another level and never looked back. They swept Stages 2 and 4 with a perfect 14-0 record and finished the regular season with a cumulative record of 23-5. More incredibly, in Stage 2 they ran a perfect 28-0 in maps played. That’s right, they didn’t lose a single map on that stage. When we reached the playoffs, it was far from smooth sailing. As a heavy favorite, they dropped their opening series against the Atlanta Reign, moving from the upper-bracket to the lower one immediately. However, after that a level of domination that may never be witnessed again occurred. The San Francisco Shock then beat the London Spitfire, the Los Angeles Gladiators, the Hangzhou Spark, the New York Excelsior and the Vancouver Titans in succession to win the title. However, there’s something more – they didn’t drop a single map. That’s right, they beat five of the final eight teams (in five best-of-seven series) 20-0. Truly remarkable and a testament to their talent, coaching, and mental fortitude.

2. Astralis – Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

While they may not have held the title of #1 team for portions of time this past year, the most dominant team in CSGO of all time is the Danish powerhouse, Astralis. Their players are all in the top-earners for gamers of all titles, which is saying something nowadays. They have won three consecutive major titles in the past year and a half; the London Major, the Katowice Major, and the Berlin Major. Additionally, they have done so without dropping a single map in the playoffs of all three. The topic is no longer up for debate. They will go down as the best counter-strike of all time until anyone can match their feats.

1. OG – Dota2

Every gamer will by now have heard of OG – the first team in the history of Dota2 to win The International twice. Not only that, they did it in back-to-back years. Oh and did I mention that they did so with a player by the name of ‘Ceb’, who had been their coach for the years prior? Or that they were expected to come in the last place prior to the 2018 International? How about the fact that they were only qualified for TI9 at the last major of the DPC and then went on to crush everyone in the upper-bracket including the team most people expected to take it, the hometown PSG.LGD! On the backs of winning esports’ biggest and most difficult prize in back-to-back years, all the while people were expecting these true OG’s to be eliminated was a Cinderella-story twice to behold!

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