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This Top Ten we’re going to have a look at one of the greatest video games out there, Metal Gear Solid. A game known for being especially eccentric, Metal Gear has given us some memorable dialogue; we’re going to count down our top ten quotes.

*Spoilers may follow*

10) “You are a Snake which was not created by Nature. You and the Boss… you are from another world… a world that I do not wish to know…”

Raven is honoured by his defeat to our hero and acknowledges Snake’s skill. Skill that as he describes as inhuman, and can only be created from another world, a world of agony.

9) “What was she fighting for? What am I fighting for? What are you fighting for?”

One of the more, if not the most, heartfelt moments in the game is the end of the second Sniper Wolf fight (we’ll be referring to this later on in the list). When all that is needed to be said is said, Snake turns to leave only for Otacon to catch him with one last reality check.

Top 10: Metal Gear Quotes 2

8) “I’m an undying shadow in a world of lights.”

When Snake’s nemesis and only real ally dies, he leaves Snake with some wise advice about who to fight for, and why they are the way they are. Before the legendary fighter meets his bitter end, he embraces the coming peace with this quote.

7) “I watched the brutality… the stupidity of mankind through my rifle scope […] Ok hero, set me free.”

Referring back to defeating Sniper Wolf, she offers a monologue before asking her killer to set her free. She speaks about a devastating childhood, one that explains the character bleeding in the snow, how she group up in a war, watching the worst of humanity unfold.

6) “There are no heroes in war. All the heroes I know are either dead or in prison, one or the other.”

Meryl is in awe of the legend that follows our hero, but as we play through Snake’s eyes, we learn the truth, and this legend explains it so eloquently.

5) ”Put your controller on the floor, put it down as flat as you can.”

During an iconic battle with Psycho Mantis, developer Hideo Kojima breaks the fourth wall by telling the player to place their Dualshock on the floor. Once flat, Psycho Mantis will be able to manipulate the controller from the game, in other words, Kojima makes the controller vibrate. Though this kind of thing can seem gimmicky now-a-days (think Vita) in 1997, it was unbelievably bright.

4) “See you in hell, Liquid.”

After the first encounter with the main baddie, Snake utters this one-liner as if ripped straight out of a 90’s action flick. This line could have easily been delivered by any of the action stars that dominated that era. The attack helicopter exploding and crashing in the background is simply icing on this adrenaline-fueled cake. At this moment in the game, you couldn’t have finalized the feeling of accomplishment better.

Top 10: Metal Gear Quotes 3

3) “Do you believe Love can bloom on the battlefield?”

A famous question posed by the sometimes melodramatic Otocon. He asks our hero before his final matchup against Sniper Wolf; the person Otocon feels he’s fallen for, which makes the battle and the end scene all the more intense.

2) “A cornered fox is more dangerous than a jackal.”

Liquid tells Gray Fox he’s no threat that he use to hunt jackals. Fox’s response is is delivered perfectly showing Liquid he’s underestimated the Cyborg. Just before he destroys a crucial part of the Metal Gear tank, which allowed Snake to deliver the final blow.

1) ”Snaaaaaaaaaaake”

What is probably the most recognizable Game Over screen in gaming, the screaming voice of Snake’s mentor after failing the mission is teaming with disappointment and desperation. So well voiced that it makes you feel guilty, that you died, that you failed, that you let the terrorist’s win. Snake, what happened? Snake? Snaaaaaake!

Did your favourite make the list? Let us know what you’re thinking in the comments below.

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