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Amazon loves to get in on everything they can – with Amazon Prime being no exception after the boom of Netflix. For those who aren’t aware, Amazon Prime is a subscription service which allows you to watch movies and TV shows on demand. The main difference between Prime and say, Netflix, is that not only are you able to watch their catalogue, but you are able to purchase or rent movies and series that aren’t on the “free” list. The United States is where Prime is most popular, with UK, Australia, and Germany close behind.

Due to copyright laws varying from country to country, certain media may not be available in every country. As an example, your favorite show might have just been released in the US on Prime, but you visit the United Kingdom on holiday, and your series won’t show up.

One of the most common issues Amazon Prime subscribers encounter, with it being more common in the USA, is “This title isn’t available in your location”, even if you’re still in America.

This article will detail several possible reasons for why “This title isn’t available in your location” is showing up, and how you can rectify the situation as fast as possible.

“This title isn’t available in your location”

Possible reasons for “This title isn’t available in your location” issue on Amazon Prime

You have left your subscribed country

If you are outside of your home country, or the country where you originally subscribed to Prime from, then it’s likely you won’t be able to access a lot of the content. This is more of an issue for residents of the US who are trying to use Prime abroad, as the US version has more series and films than any other.

Unfortunately this has been written and explained in their policy for Prime, so there is no possibility of getting any refund from a complaint.

Payment method changed

Another, more common reason behind “This title isn’t available in your location“ showing up is due to the payment method associated with the account. Although Amazon allows you to change your payment method whenever you wish, providing an invalid or expired credit card, or using a card that is outside of your residential country, will likely trigger this error.

For Prime’s US policy, they stipulate that you should be using a US-issued credit card, as well as a US address. Those who have tried to use virtual credit cards have also experienced this problem.

VPN usage

VPN usage has become very popular in today’s technological age, where information is never truly private. Because of this, you will likely be streaming your media through a VPN, even if they are legal streams (like Amazon Prime). The problem here is when you think you are using a residential IP to your home country, when in fact it may not be. Therefore while you may be comfortable sitting at home in New York, eagerly awaiting your next favorite episode to buffer, Amazon actually thinks you’re sitting in France.

If you’re getting this error while using a VPN, double check the IP address to ensure that it’s from the same country as yourself.

Anti-virus or browser extension blocking location information

We all know how pesky and over protective some anti-virus softwares can be, as their main job is to keep us safe and to eliminate our online presence. Unfortunately, they block too much information, which will end up breaking location services. Location services are crucial for certain programs, like Prime. A lot of security and ad-based browser extensions also do a similar job; therefore, if you have installed any of these recently, considered removing them and testing to see if that fixes the issue.

None of the above is fixing the issue for “This title isn’t available in your location”?

If you’ve tried all of the above methods and none of them have worked, it’s most likely due to an internal error at Amazon, which would require you to contact the support center at Amazon. They accept support queries via email or telephone. Once you’ve liaised with them, they will be able to look over your account and find out and fix the reason behind you getting the error message, or tell you what to do to remove the content ban.

In summary

To summarize, you should check off all of the above headings for a quick fix. Then, check that your network settings are working for other devices, and that your IP is correct for your country. Finally, if everything else seems ok, then try and contact Prime support to see if they can solve the issue.

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