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Before we go over the best Textsheet alternatives that are publicly available, let’s briefly cover why Textsheet disappeared in the first place. was an educational website that was very popular among students. The main premise of the site is that it could provide answers for college & school projects, homework assignments, and everything in-between. Essentially giving the user the edge when it came to all schoolwork that wasn’t a test or exam.

What happened to Textsheet? Well, it’s all thanks to Chegg, but ultimately it’s Textsheet’s fault. Textsheet used Chegg’s API to provide the answer if a student submitted the URL of the question into Textsheet’s search bar. Chegg filed their DMCA claim based off of copyrighted content.

Textsheet alternatives

Due to how popular Textsheet was, and how it’s removal from the internet has definitely impacted a lot of lives, we thought we’d trawl through the internet in search of suitable successors.


Top 3 Textsheet Alternatives For Students In 2020 - Don't Fail This Semester! 2

Unsurprisingly, the best alternative to is Chegg. Chegg specializes in providing services to students, such as: online tutoring, help with homework, internship matching, test preparation, as well as textbook rentals (both physical and digital). It’s worth noting that Chegg’s main demographic is high school and college students living in the United States of America.

The company was founded in the early 2000s by three Iowa State University students. Why does this matter? Well, it shows that the original founders of the business know the trials and tribulations of attending higher education, and realized there was a space in the market for such a service.

Renting textbooks is a fantastic way to save money. It’s estimated that the average student will spend somewhere in the region of $600-$1000+ a year on textbooks alone, without taking into consideration inflation. Renting prices vary depending on the book, but you can expect to save between 50%-90% on the price of the book by renting on Chegg. If you wish to keep the book permanently, there’s an option to purchase the rented book.

Chegg’s homework help section can aid you with over 80 different subjects, and a plethora of courses. You can gain access to their services by their website or app. Membership starts at $14.99 (at the time of writing), or $30 per month for video calling. There is also a trial of their online tutoring service for 30 minutes, which is a nice feature (it’s free!).

If you’re more focused on Math, you’ll be happy to know Chegg also has it’s own Math problem solver. Not only will it be able to tackle even the hardest of algebra equations, but it will explain in-depth on how you can understand it yourself. This feature costs just $9.95 per month.

All in all, even though Chegg isn’t free, it’s incredibly well priced for what it offers. At the end of the day, the most important thing is that you do well in your studies, so why settle for second or third best? Subscribing to Chegg, even if only for a month, will be well worth in the investment.


Top 3 Textsheet Alternatives For Students In 2020 - Don't Fail This Semester! 3

Slader is the first free service on this list. It’s popular in the United States, where you have access to thousands of solutions to your questions, as well as many textbooks. The website is updated constantly by regular students and individuals, to help it become a dominating website in the scene.

What makes Slader great is that it’s lower age range cater for students who are in middle school, rather than just high school. Simply scan the barcode of your textbook, or type the title into the search bar, and Sladar will bring up as much relevant information as possible.

While we did specify that Sladar was free, there’s an optional subscription that you can purchase which will eliminate all advertisements.


Top 3 Textsheet Alternatives For Students In 2020 - Don't Fail This Semester! 4

Another Textbook alternative is Studylib. What makes this website a little different to the others on this list is that you can store documents on the site, as well as download them for free. It’s also possible to share notes with other pupils that you are friendly with.

There’s an incredible amount of different answers for all types of assignments, ranging from Math, all the way to Arts and Humanities. Whatever the subject that you’re studying, you will undoubtedly be able to find relevant documents which will excel your learning experience.

Studylib also has a free in-built grammar checker, which is incredibly useful for double-checking spelling and grammar before you submit your final piece.

A lot of people learn really well with flashcards, unfortunately I am not one of them. However, if you are, you’ll be pleased to know that Studylib has a very good flashcard system built into the website, which will accelerate your learning speed significantly. There are already loads of cards uploaded, but there’s an option for you to dictate your own.

Final thoughts

What we would suggest is to make accounts on all three websites listed above, in order to completely dominate your study time, and ultimately ace your semester.

Of course, if money is tight then Slader and Studylib will be the only options. However, Chegg is also the most ‘interactive’, and by using it, you can be sure to at least ensure that your answers are being delivered by ‘experts’.

If you’ve used any of the websites listed above, or know of any more Textsheet alternatives, please leave us a comment below.

Happy studying!

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