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Many players have witnessed the behemoth that is the Aurora, but not all have dared to enter it. This is mainly because they don’t know what equipment they need to have on them to safely enter, or they don’t have their list of trusty Subnautica Aurora codes with them. We can advise on the former, and definitely help you with the latter!

If you’re unsure exactly what the Aurora is, we have you covered there too. The story of the Aurora is a sad, yet mysterious one. It is a spacecraft that’s primary task was to build a phasegate, as well as to conduct a search and rescue for any Degasi survivors.

While conducting a maneuver that uses a planets own gravitation field to excel the spacecraft’s speed, the Aurora was hit by a large pulse of powerful energy, causes significant damage. This damage resulted in the ship crash-landing on the adjacent planet. Almost all lifepods were obliterated.

Due to the size of the Aurora, when it crashed into the planet it exposed the area around it, unearthing lots of resources, as well as chucking out useful supply crates. Unfortunately, this attracted many Reaper Leviathan, who frequent the crash site.

When you, as a player, are able to explore the area, the lifepods are all in disrepair, and any other friendly lifeforms are far gone. Once the core explodes, the radition levels will be at extreme levels. A radiation suit is mandatory if you wish to explore. In fact, there are a few tools needed on your person to fully take advantage of this derelict spaceship, but we will cover those a bit later on.

The Aurora is very easy to spot, due to its sheer size. It’s over 1km long, and half a km high. It’s so large that you can look at it at almost any location on the map. This makes it an ideal landmark for navigation too.

Having a Subnautica Aurora Codes list is useful to enter all of the locked doors

Equipment needed to explore the Aurora

Taking the items detailed below will not only keep you safe, but will allow you to access the whole ship without limitation.

  • Survival Knife
  • Laser Cutter
  • Repair Tool
  • Any Cannon
  • Seaglide

With all of the equipment listed above, you will be then ready to board the Aurora. While this gear will give you access to most areas, there are some locked doors in there that require codes to open. We have a full list of Subnautica door codes outlined below, or you can learn them yourself as you progress through the game.

All Aurora Door Codes In Subnautica

  • Cargo Bay: 1454
  • Cabin 1: 1869
  • Robotics Bay: 6666
  • Laboratory Access: 6483
  • Captain’s Quarters: 2679

These are all of the Aurora door codes in Subnautica you’ll ever need. It’s very unlikely they’ll add more in the future, so be sure to write these down or keep this page open while you’re exploring.


Here are some frequently asked questions in reference to the Aurora in Subnautica.

What is the cabin 1 code in Subnautica?

The code to unlock Cabin 1, as mentioned above, is “1869”. This code first appears in a PDA named Sweet Offer.

Do you need a propulsion cannon to get into the Aurora?

You do not need a propulsion cannon to get into and explore the Aurora. It’s possible to get in and do everything you need to equipped with just a laser cutter, repair tool and scanner. However, having a propulsion cannon does make it easier.

What is behind the Aurora Subnautica?

Behind the Aurora is the Crash Zone Trench. This trench was created when the spaceship crashed into the planet. There are two sections to the trench, and both have bountiful amounts of Metal, Quartz, Cyclops Bride and Engine Fragments.

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