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Remember that fearsome looking creature at the beginning of the game, when you’re just learning to run around? Well that’s Stormterror, A.K.A Dvalin. There should be no surprise that this impressive looking monster makes a return later down the line. If you’re trying to find out how to complete the Stormterror Domain Challenge, then look no further.

Stormterror is a boss of the Mondstadt region, and is the first main foe you face during your story progression. Although you only get forced to fight him once, you are able to take him on again and again in his Domain. Doing so will reward you will some fantastic loot, but there are some restrictions which will explain a little later on.

How to complete Stormterror Domain Challenge

Before you can even set foot in Stormterror’s Domain, you have to be at least Adventure Rank 25. If you aren’t quite that high yet, then please keep your eyes open for our Adventure Rank boosting guide, which we will release soon.

If you are at the required rank, you can simply fast travel to Stormterror’s Lair on the map. It’s recommended that you have a party level of at least 40 before attempting this.

After you vanquish this boss, you can unlock the next tier of fight after every 5 levels of Adventure Rank. The higher the tier, the better the rewards, with the chance of getting some 5 star sets too. It’s also worth noting that you can only beat Stormterror once per week, with the weekly reset being on Monday.

To receive rewards from Domain Challenges, you will need Original Resin. If you don’t have any, you cannot get any loot. 60 Original Resin is to cost for claiming rewards, which is high, but certainly worth it.

If you’re struggling with the fight itself, don’t panic. Weekly World Bosses are intended to be some of the hardest content in the game. Keep trying to upgrade your party little by little, and you’ll claim your kill within no time.

Stormterror's Lair location

Stormterror Domain Challenge Rewards

The rewards for completing this world boss are great. You can expect to obtain any of the following:

  • Adventure EXP
  • Companionship EXP
  • Mora
  • Character Ascension Materials
    • Vayuda Turquoise Sliver/Fragment
    • Vajrada Amethyst Sliver/Fragment
    • Varunada Lazurite Sliver/Fragment
  • 3 Star Artifacts Set
    • Berserker
    • Instructor
    • The Exile
  • 4 Star Artifacts Set
    • Gladiator’s Finale
    • Wanderer’s Troupe
    • Berserker
    • Instructor
  • 4 Star Weapon Material
    • Northlander’s Sword Prototype
    • Northlander’s Bow Prototype
    • Northlander’s Claymore Prototype
    • Northlander’s Catalyst Prototype
    • Northlander’s Polearm Prototype

It’s likely that rewards will be increased and updated as patches roll out. Hopefully they keep scaling this fight up with the power curve of players reaching greater gear levels, with additional difficulties later on. This fight is very fun, and brings back lots of nostalgia from older games of a similar genre.

Hopefully this guide helps you in your quest for locating and defeating Dvalin, and that your RNG luck is good on your drops!

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