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Soundproofing a room can be a fairly expensive task, but there are always cheaper alternatives to going all-out and creating a studio-quality room. A popular and simple solution is to use soundproof curtains. They are fairly inexpensive and as difficult to hang up as regular curtains. While the marketing efforts for these sound dampening curtains promises complete soundproofing, do they even work? Let’s find out.

From my own experience and the curated thoughts and opinions of others, soundproof curtains are fantastic at deadening sound, but are next to useless at actually blocking sound. What this means in the real world is that they can stop room echo, but will not reduce the level of any sound going in, or out.

Nevertheless, just because they are incapable of lowering the decibel level of any incoming or outgoing sound, doesn’t mean that it can’t help your room feel more tranquil. How is this possible though? Let me explain.

When viewing an empty house you’ll most likely notice how much echoing there is when you’re talking and walking around. In fact, it can put some people off – especially if there isn’t carpeted floor. However, when you move all of your stuff in, the echoing diminishes. This is because your house is filled with stuff and carpet, which deadens the echo.

Soundproof curtains act as just another item in your house, except that they are specifically designed to deaden sound more efficiently; thus making the room quieter.

Do soundproof curtains work?


Hopefully, you didn’t just skip straight to this section and actually read the above paragraph which explains why they work, in layman’s terms.

If the reason you want to use soundproof curtains in your home is due to external sounds like a busy road, then, unfortunately, the curtains won’t be as effective as a purposely designed soundproof window. However, they will still be better than non-soundproof curtains. Curtains are one of the cheapest ways to reduce echoing.

sound deadening drapes
Sound deadening drapes are a great option

Choosing the best high quality soundproof curtains

When deciding which curtain to buy, it’s important that you look at the specifications as “soundproof curtains” doesn’t necessarily mean that they are, as a lot of companies will use that term as part of their marketing strategy to describe any thick fabrics that they have.

To be truly classed as a soundproof curtain, they must be tightly woven, heavy fabric, and will touch the ceiling and floor. One of the most important factors is that they cover as much area as possible, to create a seal (as far as reasonably practicable).

On Amazon, (which is one of my absolute favorite ways to purchase anything), my recommended buys would be either the Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtains from Best Home Fashion, or the Soundproof Curtains from Nicetown. Each one has positive reviews in the 4-digits and have the perfect specs to be used as a real soundproof option.

Top tips for the best sound reduction in your home:

  • Density of the curtains is what matters most; buy four curtain panels rather than the standard two.
  • Buy the longest curtains possible. If they touch the floor they will reduce the echo far more than if they only just go past the window.
  • Ceiling mounted curtains will allow the curtains to sit tighter to the ceiling and floor, which will block more sound.

Final thoughts

While soundproof curtains will not give you the same amount of soundproofing as expensive 4-figure soundproofing solutions will give you, they can be a fantastic way to reduce the sound in your home for a very low cost. They look great and stylish, and nobody would ever know that they are there for a specific purpose.

I have lived in many apartments and houses throughout the years, and if i had known about these curtains in some of my earlier apartments I’m sure i’d have been a lot happier. Whatever you decide to do, we hope that you’re happy and that you get all the peace and quiet you deserve.

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