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While movies bring joy and entertainment to our household, it’s sometimes easy to forget the cost it takes to create them. When we say cost, we don’t mean in the financial sense. Every year hundreds of people get injured, or even worse, killed, on movie sets.

During the early days of Hollywood, there were no regulations on movie set safety, and many horrible incidents occurred. This lead to several safety protocols being introduced. 

Unfortunately, these regulations still haven’t really done their job. As movies are getting bolder, and more realistic, workforces and stuntmen have never been more at risk. 

We have made a list of some of the most horrific accidents to happen on a movie set.

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

Some Of The Worst Accidents In Hollywood 2

Unfortunately for Olivia Jackson, who is Milla Jovovich‘s stunt double, a metallic camera arm that was supposed to automatically move when she got near it, didn’t. She was driving a motorcycle at the time for a chase scene, which completely destroyed her arm. She, unfortunately, had to get it amputated.

On the same set, an unsecured car slid away and landed on top of crew member Ricardo Cornelius, pinning him to a wall. He was pronounced dead at the hospital. 

Triple X

Some Of The Worst Accidents In Hollywood 3

High-speed adrenaline-pumping extreme sports scenes can make for great footage, but their additional risks are quite apparent. Harry O’Connor, who was Vin Diesel‘s stuntman for the original Triple X film, died when he crashed into the Palacky Bridge in Prague, killing him instantly, during a parasailing scene. 

The Dark Knight

Some Of The Worst Accidents In Hollywood 4

Although death is associated with The Dark Knight due to thinking of Health Ledger, he actually passed away months after the movie was shot.

Conway Wickliffe, who was a stuntman in the movie, died of traumatic head injuries when the vehicle he was a passenger of collided with a tree, while rehearsing a scene. 

Top Gun

Some Of The Worst Accidents In Hollywood 5

There is no surprise that a movie involving highly skilled aerial manoeuvres had its fair share of incidents.  

Aerial stuntman Art Scholl was one of the most famous in his field. He was in many projects, including Indiana Jones. Unfortunately, Top Gun was to be his last.

It has been reported that during the filming of Top Gun, Scholl entered a flat spin intentionally in order to capture it using the onboard cameras, but was not able to regain control of the plane. He crashed into the ocean, where his plane, and body, was never recovered. 

The Hobbit

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It isn’t just humans that get injured; The Hobbit films had an incredible amount of animal fatalities. During production, at least 27 different animals perished due to their terrible living conditions. Over 150 different animals were kept in wet enclosures that turned into sinkholes. These animals would either fall through and break their bones or worse, drown. 

Fight for your right

If you’re planning on working on a movie set, or have already received an injury from an onset accident, then it’s important that you contact someone with experience in this field. Hiring a specialist lawyer will ensure that you’re treated fairly and that you receive the compensation that you deserve. 

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