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The biggest change we will experience with the pre-patch for Shadowlands is the level and attribute squish. After a decade and a half of level increases, we will now see the first ever level squish, The rule of thumb here is: from level 120 it goes down to level 50, which will allow us to level to 60 in Shadowlands. So the number of levels is simply halved. However, what exactly does that mean forcharacters who have not yet reached the current maximum level of 120? How exactly is scaling down? 

Scaling taken from the current Beta:

  • Level 120 becomes level 50
  • Level 110 becomes level 45
  • Level 100 becomes level 40
  • Level 80 becomes level 30
  • Level 61 becomes level 25
  • Level 45 becomes level 20
  • Level 28 becomes level 12
  • Level 20 becomes level 10
  • Level 10 becomes level 5

As soon as you log in with characters below level 110 in patch 9.0.1, you will immediately receive the automatic intro quest for Battle for Azeroth, which every player on a character level 10 or higher will receive by default. This starts the campaign in Kul Tiras or Zandalar which you can reach level 50 pretty quickly, so that you can travel to the afterlife immediately after the release of Shadowlands. Characters below level 10 will not receive an automatic summoning quest.

Demon hunters and death knights

How it works with demon hunters and death knights is not yet known. However, since Blizzard has disabled character copy for both classes, they are probably still working on it. Both hero classes start at level 8 in Shadowlands, in their respective starting area and then will transition to the starting quest for Battle for Azeroth. So it is very likely that demon hunters and death knights who are still in their starting area will be scaled down to a low level. If you want to save yourself a little work, you should get characters with these classes out of the starting area before Patch 9.0.1.

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