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The introduction of Allied races was an interesting one. First added in Legion, Allied races were a fun reward for what was essentially not a fun grind. Shadowlands looks to be fixing this issuie by removing the Exalted reputation requirements from each Allied Race, making it significantly easier to obtain them all. You will still need to complete the non-reputation requirements though, but I feel like that’s still a good offer.

Players have been asking Blizzard to change the reputation requirements for Allied races since the beginning of Battle for Azeroth. The main issue is that players were not too keen on grinding old rep every week, when Battle for Azeroth had so much content to keep up with. This may seem like an odd situation to be in though, when you are actively complaining that there is too much to do, but the majority of players only have a certain amount of play-hours per week, so it does make sense. Blizzard aren’t shy about nerfing old content, so we are glad about this change. Even if you played a lot of Legion, it would be unlikely that you were Exalted with Suramar, without going out of your way to gain the rep.

Shadowlands Allied Races Unlock Requirements 2

Allied races are still quite rare to see, even now, and we don’t think it’s because of their racials. Eliminating the rep grinds should hopefully diverse the WoW population a lot more, excluding those who choose racials based on top-tier performance.

Hopefully Shadowlands brings more Allied races to the playing field, which would explain the rep nerf, but that remains to be seen. The covenants would obviously be the main candidates for such race additions if they were to add them. The more likely answer though, at least for now, is that they are moving away from adding more Allied races to the game for the foreseeable future.

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