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While it offers the same experience as its smaller counterpart, this model stands out for its ergonomics but also for its competent battery, with the promise of 5 days of use.


  • Screen size – 1.3 inches
  • Screen type – OLED
  • Dimensions – 49 x 46 x 13 mm
  • Diameter – 46 mm
  • Weight – 63 g


Wider than most with an accumulator almost twice as large, the 46 mm is offered at a price not much more than the 42 mm. A price positioning that remains well below the Apple Watch Series 4, its main competitor.

Ergonomics and design

The Galaxy Watch is imposing. With its 62 grams and XXL dimensions (49 x 46 x 13 mm), the watch stands out and starts to be annoying, whether under a shirt or a sweater. Its resolution (360 x 360 dpi) declines slightly in passing (278 dpi).

Also, the Galaxy Watch, like its twin, has an excellent finish. Its grip is of excellent quality while its silicone straps are soft and quite comfortable on the wrist. And they do not irritate the skin, even if they are wet.


Slightly larger (1.3 inches versus 1.2 inches on the 42 mm version), the 46 mm Galaxy Watch offers the same experience as its twin, for better or worse. Tizen offers a fluid, readable and enjoyable experience, supported by a circular ring that is very practical when sailing. On the other hand, it is still criticised for the absence of a confirm button and for a minimum brightness that is too high. The tenth of an inch gain compared to the 42 mm version still does not compensate for the difficulties of typing text directly on the watch.


Once again, the 46 mm Galaxy Watch synchronises the same way as its twin and offers no additional functionality. It will, therefore, be necessary to turn to the 42 mm review to find out everything about this aspect of the watch.

Uses and accuracy

Regarding the interface or applications, the Galaxy Watch offers the same experience here. The number of green LEDs used for heart rate measurement has not been changed either.


Autonomy is a key issue for smart watches. Few are able to operate for more than two to three days in real conditions without being recharged; snd Samsung intends to stand out with its 46 mm Galaxy Watch. For this model, the Korean manufacturer promised us a 5-day usage. To achieve this, it has integrated a 472 mAh battery. And it must be said that it is well optimised.

For intensive use – message reception, music management, several physical activities, sleep measurements and other uses – the 46 mm Galaxy Watch operated just under five days before its battery ran out completely. It is thus possible to charge it on Sundays and to think of recharging it only at the end of the week, a luxury in the small world of smart watches. It takes just under 3 hours to fully charge it with the supplied charger.

Strong points

  • An exemplary watch.
  • Smooth navigation.
  • Circular ring.
  • The high-quality Oled screen.
  • The superb finish.
  • Quite precise measurements.

Low points

  • It is imposing on the wrist.
  • A minimum brightness that is always too high.


With the 46 mm version of the Galaxy Watch, Samsung has struck a blow. The Korean company offers a watch that is at the same time powerful, intuitive, precise and with an implacable autonomy. It is therefore difficult to do better. However, such a quality has one constraint: the watch is particularly imposing.

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