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For all experienced iOS and MacOS users, it is not a secret that Apple has its own web browser called Safari. Although this tool has proven to show stable and good performance, many users don’t give it enough credit. Indeed, compared to some advanced browsers, Safari may seem a bit underpowered from the first sight. However, is it really so? Not exactly! It may seem to fall behind other tools, but it can be extremely handy as long as you know how to make the most of it! 

In this article, we are going to share with you some of the best Safari tips and tell how to change default browser Mac, if you wish to do so.

Best Safari tips many users don’t know about

Some of the best features of Apple’s default browser are simple to use, neat interface, and smooth performance. However, there is much more to it than seems. Below we have gathered some of the handiest tips you might’ve not known about.

1. iCloud tabs

Did you know that you can quickly access the tabs open on your other Apple devices from a Mac? This is possible, and it is very handy! Users can find iCloud Tabs feature at the bottom of the tab switcher.

2. Customizable Toolbar

If you click on your toolbar with the right mouse button, you can tailor its look to your needs. It is possible to remove or add different buttons and icons the way you want.

3. Use AirDrop to share different pages

Not many users know, but you can actually share all kinds of web pages across your devices with the help of AirDrop. To do this, all you need is to click the Share button and pick AirDrop as a tool for sharing.

4. Picture-in-picture

This is probably one of the best tips for Mac users. This relevantly new feature allows users to transform different pages and videos into small floating windows. This is an excellent tool for multitasking, and it works on many websites.

Safari: Top Tips For Making The Best Use Of It 2

How to start using another browser as a default one?

Without any doubt, the default web browser preinstalled on your Apple devices is great in many ways. It has a variety of features and seems to show excellent performance across all devices. Besides, with the tips given in this post, all Apple fans can get the most use of this tool. However, what if someone doesn’t like using it or lacks certain features? In this case, you can pick another browser that suits your needs, and you can set it as default. Here is how:

Method 1

The first way to switch to another web browser is probably the easiest one. Just go to the System Preferences > General > Default Web Browser and pick the right option from the dropdown menu. Once you apply the changes, you will be able to use the browser of your choice as a default option.

Method 2

Our next method is not less simple, but it will work only for systems that run OS X Mavericks or earlier versions. If that’s your case, instead of opening System Preferences, launch Safari and go to the browser’s menu. From here, go to Preferences > General > Default Web Browser and choose the tool you would like to use and then quit Safari.

Method 3

Finally, it is possible to set a new default browser right from the chosen option. To do this, a user must launch the preferred option and navigate to its settings. Most browsers will have a Make Default button in the Preferences menu. This method should work for the majority of popular browsers, including Firefox, Chrome, Vivaldi, Opera, etc.

Did you like the tips given here? We hope that you will find them handy! For more tips and hacks, check out OSxtips.

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