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Welcome to the PSO2 beginner’s guide. So you’re looking towards playing PSO2 NA but you’ve never played on the Japanese servers? It’s all good, this guide will introduce you on how to properly start up your first character correctly and how to level smoothly through your journey!

PSO2 could be qualified as a MMO Action Game. It is very similar to games like Monster Hunter World, there is a lobby where you can do various stuff and you decide which quest you want to do either alone or with other people.

A common misconception that some people may have (And that I had when I started playing) is to see the game as an MMORPG like World of Warcraft or FFXIV. PSO2 is way different, everyone is acting for themselves, there are no designated tanks or healers. You take care of your own buffing and healing and will mostly focus on dodging the enemy attacks in order to stay alive.

Do always keep in mind that you’re playing an action game, dodging is important and a key mechanic!

PSO2 NA and JP

What’s the main difference?

The main difference between both servers is the content. NA is currently a couple of episodes behind JP.

If you’re new to the game, keep in mind that not all the content is currently available and will progressively be released, so you don’t have to worry about being able to enjoy all the content. The next section will cover all the differences but overall, there’s nothing major preventing you from enjoying the game!

Returning JP Player? Here’s what’s different!

First of all, welcome back to PSO2! As mentioned above, the current episode is 4, some elements are missing and will most likely be implemented in the near future. Here’s a list of the most important elements that is missing right now :

  • Treasure Shop (Replaced with Fresh Find)
  • Compound Techs
  • OT Weapons and the OT grinding system (Some OT Weapons were changed to NT like the Elder Rifle)

The current meta compared to JP is also very odd and different, SEGA changed some of the weapon potentials, for example, the Elder Rifle potential has a flat 30% damage increase which makes it better than any 13* weapons.

However, NA is not on EP4 Balance, in fact, it is on EP6 Balance before the Braver gauge change. So things die fairly quickly at the moment.

There have been censoring and regional adjustments. While we are not entirely sure of everything they removed or changed, this is what we know for sure :

  • The Smart Innerwear has been completely removed.
  • The minimum height has been raised to 154 and the maximum height has been raised.
  • If your height without clothing goes below above certain minimums, the salon will not let you save your appearance.

We assume this was an attempt at stopping players from creating “Lolicon”/”Shotacon” characters.

If you were using the mobile game PSO2es, it is not available for NA Servers, all exclusive items/receptors/etc have been incorporated into the game via trade shops or normal drops.

Terms to keep in mind

Client Orders (COs)

They are tasks given to you by various NPCs in the lobby. Completing them will give you various rewards like EXP, Money, items and all kinds of good stuff.

Creating your character

Creating your character is the first step of your journey. There isn’t anything important to know here, but it’s worth keeping in mind a few things.

Which race should I choose?

There are racial bonuses, while they can be significant, people won’t hurt you for not picking the best race for a certain class, this doesn’t have to be the main reason for you to pick a race over another.

So choose your race with your heart, choose the one you like the most, do you like humanoids or robots? 

Cosmetics limitations with your character

If you’re into cosmetics and want to make your character look good with a unique set of clothes and/or costumes. Then it is important to keep this in mind :

  • Items that only female characters can wear tend to be a lot more expensive while items for male characters are less expensive.
  • Casts used to be rather limited to what they can wear. This is no longer true nowadays but some older costumes may not be available. They do have their unique set of cosmetics called “Parts” which make them the race with probably the most cosmetics options.

So if you’re planning to play a female character and plan to dive head-in into cosmetics, you’ll most likely need a ton of money.

What c lass should I start with?

You’ll have 6 available classes to choose from in the character creation. But there’s a twist. 3 more classes are available!

These classes are Techer, Fighter and Gunner. To obtain them, you’ll have to pick any classes during the character creation process and then go over to the class counter and switch to one of these.

I won’t go through explaining all of the classes one by one, but i’d suggest taking some time to watch this video as it goes through every class and briefly explains them. This should definitely help you to choose what class to start with.

Keep in mind, your character has access to every class and you’re free to switch to any you want at any given time (Except when you’re in a quest).


Upon reaching level 20, Cofy will have a client order allowing you to unlock sub-classes. You can pick any class as your sub-class and you are free to change it at any time.

A sub-class is a class you decide to pick to compliment your current main class. 20% of its stats will be given to you and you’re also able to use its skill tree.

Your subclass will also receive 10% EXP until it hits level 55, afterwards, you’ll have to level it through other means.

As soon as you hit 20, be sure to complete Cofy’s client order as it is a pretty important thing to have.

Starting your adventure and levelling up

Here you are, you just finished the tutorial and the game just threw you in the lobby. Congratulations, this is where your adventure begins! And this is also where the game becomes unclear on what to do and will guide you towards a slow path for levelling. This is where my guide should come in handy and will help you towards smooth levelling while learning the ropes of the game!

Important rules to follow

In order to avoid messing up your first character which could hurt you when you reach mid/end-game, follow these 2 important rules.

  • Do not feed your mag random stuff or gear. Read the mag section below
  • Do not spend your skill points unless you know exactly where to put it. Follow an already-made build. Skill points cannot be removed from your tree, you have to pay IRL money in order to reset a skill tree. The only free way to reset is to wait for Sega to give “All trees reset pass” which happens when they change at least one skill in a tree which is not often!

There are sections below for how to properly feed your mag and how to handle your skill tree correctly down below.

Important NPCs

Some NPCs are very important to know about as they’ll allow you to unlock new stuff in order to progress. Here’s all of them!


PSO2 Beginner's Guide For NA Players 2

She’s your sugar mama, whenever she has a new client order, it will always result in you unlocking something new. Check often for that blue icon and complete every client orders she has available. She will always contact you when you can unlock something important. She’s situated at the eastern quest counter right next to the attendant.


PSO2 Beginner's Guide For NA Players 3

This NPC handles daily missions, everyday she’ll have new missions available as well that will give you a considerable amount of EXP and will allow you to raise your daily boosts. You should aim at doing it everyday.
She’s located at the west quest counter in the lobby.

/!\ Urgent Quests /!\

Urgent quests are quests that are only available during a certain time. They consist of various duties that vary from explorations with powerful mobs, tower defense or straight-up boss fights. If there’s an urgent quest available then this should be your priority as it will give you a ton of EXP and good drops.
The urgent quests are scheduled and the schedule is available on the official PSO2 website over here. The most recent post in there will contain the current schedule.

Using boosters

Properly using your boosters is necessary. As you progress, you’ll earn various boosters that you’ll be able to use. They usually come in the form of items, but being in a party, completing your daily orders or using your Alliance’s tree will also boost you. Managing your boosters and using them as often as possible will make your levelling a lot faster.

Party boost

This is by far the most overlooked boost from new players.
Whenever you party up with other players, you get a flat 10% multiplied by the number of players in the party, starting at 2 members. In a party of 2, you will receive a 20% EXP Boost, in a party of 3 30% EXP and in a party of 4 40% EXP.

It is strongly recommended to party up whenever it’s possible, especially during urgent quests. An easy way to do so is by using a Party Beacon which is a mark placed on the ground that allows other players to easily join a party.

In order to place a party beacon, you’ll need to access your Quick Menu by pressing Mouse 3 if you’re playing on Keyboard/Mouse or View if you’re playing on a Xbox One Controller. The following menu will pop up :

PSO2 Beginner's Guide For NA Players 4

By pressing the indicated button of Swap Layout you will be able to change the pattern of the quick menu, click on Base Type and change it to [04.Prioritize multiplayer] and save.

You will have the party beacon option shown as Place/Remove Party Beacon by selecting this, you’ll be able to drop a beacon on the ground and people will automatically join your party when they interact with it! The beacon will automatically be removed as soon as your party is full.

Booster items

Boosters will commonly be in the form of items, here’s the common type of boosters you’ll come across

Tri-Boost +X%This will boost your EXP, Meseta and Rare Drop.
Experience Gained +X%This will boost the EXP you gain off defeating mobs.
Meseta Earned +X%This will boost the amount of meseta that drops from mobs.
Rare Drop Rate +X%This will boost the chances for you to receive higher rarity items.

These are mostly obtainable from completing ARKS Missions. They can also be bought at the player shop, excube shops and the recycle shop. There are multiple ways to obtain these boosters and they become quite common the more you play.

Always aim to have as many boosters as you can depending on what you are doing. You generally want to pop your highest boosters during an Urgent Quest while keeping common boosters for more trivial quests.

Daily Client Orders

Everyday, you’ll be able to complete Daily Orders, to do so talk with Fina at the western quest counter.  She’ll have 3 client orders with this icon PSO2 Beginner's Guide For NA Players 5, these are your daily orders.

When talking to Fina, you will see this bar which represents your current status on daily orders.

PSO2 Beginner's Guide For NA Players 6

Upon completing a daily order, you’ll receive a point and gain 5% on your daily boost, to a maximum of 10 points and 50% daily boost. The daily boost is a permanent Tri-Boost (EXP, Meseta and Rare Drop boost) and everyday you lose one point. Be sure to log in most days and complete them.

Alliance Tree

Upon joining an alliance, you may have access to the Alliance Quarters. You may access it by going in the green elevators across the lobby.

PSO2 Beginner's Guide For NA Players 7

Upon entering, you’ll see a tree in the middle, its size depends on its level. Upon using it, you’ll be able to select a stat to be boosted, these are the available stats :

  • Attack
  • Defense
  • Earned EXP
  • Earned Meseta
  • Rare Drop Rare

Growing that tree requires a team effort by completing alliance missions everyday and using earned Alliance Points to level every stats. Be sure to help your alliance growing that tree up, it is really useful.


Drinks will give you various stat boosts, their effects last until you finish a mission or if 30 minutes have passed.

They’re available in the campship or at the Medical Center in the lobby.

PSO2 Beginner's Guide For NA Players 8

Drink station in the campship.

Drinks are available in 5 different categories

  • Attack
  • Defense
  • HP
  • PP
  • Random

Excluding random, they all have 5 different versions while the last 2 are reserved to premium users. I’d strongly suggest looking at this page as it is very well explained and goes into details about what drink does what.

Collecting titles

Completing certain quests, reaching a certain level or doing certain tasks will give you titles and give you various rewards. Completing an exploration for the first time will give you the title for completing it as well as a 15,000 EXP Ticket. Check often for any new titles you may have received with the Title Keeper located to the right of the gate.

PSO2 Beginner's Guide For NA Players 9

Level 1-10. Taking advantages of the ARKS Missions

Upon reaching the lobby for the first time, you’ll be properly introduced to ARKS Missions.

This is one of the first systems the game introduces you to. They are tasks given to you in 3 categories, Main Missions, Daily Missions, Weekly Missions.
Doing the first few arks mission rewards you with great exp, they’re rewarding and worth doing as it will also show you how the lobby works. The first ark mission you’ll be given is ‘View ‘Meeting Xion’” which will introduce you to the story quests. Afterwards, you’ll be asked to clear “Forest Exploration”, go ahead and clear the Forest expedition but don’t waste too much time.

After completing your first expedition and receiving the rewards from the mission, you’ll be given multiple missions that will show you how the lobby works as well as unlocking multiple useful things as your mag, which can be quite powerful in the early game. Doing them rewards you with good exp that will get you through the first 10 levels of your class.

I also recommend going through the other main missions and getting to know the lobby and its different NPCs and shops as these missions will show you various systems you can use to become stronger!

Level 10-40

The best way to level up is to unlock and complete every expedition while following your main missions. You’ll also complete Hans and Revelle Client Orders (Your main focus will be Hans as they give the most EXP). 

ARKS Missions

The main thing you’ll focus on for now are Main Missions, to be exact, the missions about completing an expedition. There is a mission for every expedition available in the game and they come in the order you unlock them. So your next expedition will always be the one you have a mission for.

Hans and Lavere client orders

This is the main reason why levelling to 40 is smooth. These 2 NPCs give you client orders for every expedition and they give a lot of EXP.
Before going for an expedition, always take Hans’s client orders for that expedition and aim to complete them before going back to the lobby.

They should both become available after you’re done with your first exploration (Which would be Forest Exploration) and turned in the mission. He might not be shown with a blue client order icon, but interacting with him anyway should do the trick. If that’s not the case, ping me on discord and we shall try to figure it out so I can update this section.


PSO2 Beginner's Guide For NA Players 10

Hans is located in the west side of the lobby. His client orders mostly consist of killing 60 native mobs from the area and killing the boss in a certain area, but sometimes he offers a client order for you to kill a “rare mob” in the area, so you might have to look around for a bit to find that mob and complete the client order.

Whenever a new expedition is unlocked, he’ll have new client orders for you to accept. To make things easier, in the client orders menu, you can always click on Show All and then select the expedition you’re going for in order to filter his client orders and only see those available in a certain expedition. However, it appears that Sega lazily made that categorization, while doing this should show you a good amount of quests to be done in an expedition, there may be missing client orders that could be completed, be sure to double check that, if Show All is selected, the client orders should be in a logical order of exploration.

Sometimes a client order can only be done on a difficulty you haven’t unlocked yet, be sure to read the order to be sure you can actually complete it.

Hans is your homie, focus on his orders and always aim to complete all of them in an expedition!


PSO2 Beginner's Guide For NA Players 11

Lavere is located at the east side of the lobby, her client orders are a bit more generic than Hans and will always ask you to defeat a certain number of enemies. While they also give a good amount of exp, they tend to be trickier to complete at times, I skipped some of her client orders and didn’t really have any problems so don’t sweat it if you can’t complete all of them.

Once again, you should always filter her orders for the expedition you’re going for to get those you can complete!

To sum it up

To sum it up, here’s the loop you should be following throughout that levelling step

  1. Check your ARKS Main Mission and check which expedition you need to do next
  2. Go grab Hans’s client orders for the expedition
  3. Go grab Lavere’s client orders for the expedition
  4. Do the expedition and complete the client orders

Doing that while going through every expedition will make you level quite smoothly while also showing you what the game has to offer. I was able to reach level 40 in around 8 hours of total playtime.

Level 40-80

At level 40, you’ll unlock Advance Quest which is a type of quest that is similar to free exploration. It is recommended to run those with other people to make it more efficient and abuse the hell out of PSE Bursts.

PSE Bursts

When advancing in an advance quest (Or any other explorations) you will see this icon appears at the top right of your screen

 PSO2 Beginner's Guide For NA Players 12.

This means that there is currently at least one PSE Effect active in your area. You can put your mouse over it and it’ll show you exactly what effects are currently active.

Every effect has a level, upon killing enemies, certain effects will be added or the level of active effects will raise. The goal is to reach Level 8 in an effect to straight up trigger a PSE Burst or a PSE Chance (Which means that if you kill enough monsters during the chance window, a PSE Burst will be triggered afterwards).

When a PSE Burst is triggered, mobs will keep spawning where the party is located, so everyone must stay together in order to kill as many mobs as possible. A burst lasts for 1 minute but the more mobs you kill during the window, the more chances you have to extend the burst or trigger another one. 

Be as fast as possible

In order to take full advantage of PSE Bursts, you need to kill as many monsters as possible as quickly as possible.

Chain Photon Blast as much as possible

When your mag reaches level 30, 50 and 100, it learns a new ability called Photon Blast (Which can be set on your subpalette, it will be under Class Skills.

To chain photon blasts, hold your photon blast button down, you should see a circle around you, you’ll need to be in someone else’s circle in order for the chain to activate. Having the entire party chain their mags will provide you the best chance to extend the PSE Burst, which will give you more EXP, be sure to coordonate yourself with your party to extend the burst as much as possible.

If the chain doesn’t succeed, using an unchained photon blast still increases the chances of extending, but not as much as a chained one.

Skill tree

Your skill tree is an important piece of your class but it is quite unforgiving, once you spend a skill point, it cannot be refunded, thus why it is not recommended to spend your points unless you are following a build or if you’re 100% sure of what you’re doing.

How should I spend my points?

You have 2 ways of determining where to spend your points.

The first way would be to follow an already-made build, which I strongly recommend. As mentioned, messing up your skill tree is unforgiving as you cannot take back skill points once they’ve been spent.

The second way, WHICH I DO NOT RECOMMEND AT ALLFOR NEW PLAYERS, is to make your own build. To do so, I recommend using the Arks-Layers’s simulator (The team behind the JP Translation) and setting the language to English (PSO2NA). You will be able to mess around until you come up with a build you’re comfortable with.
The simulator is ava ilable here


How can I fix my skill tree?

There are only 2 ways for you to fix a skill tree by either buying a Skill Tree Reset Pass on the AC Shop which cost IRL Money or wait for Sega to give out “All Skill Trees Reset Pass” for free which happens when they change something in a skill tree, which is not quite common.

NA will be receiving its first “All Skill Trees Reset Pass” on May 27th 2020 for anyone who played the game before the PC Release.

Your sub-class also receives skill points!

Going with the principle that levelling up gives you skill points, the same applies to your sub-class, whenever it levels up it receives skill points!

Upon using a class as a sub-class, you’re also using its skill tree and by default, but keep in mind, you only have one skill tree per class. So if you decide to use a class as a sub-class, its skill tree might not be the best if you’re to play it as your main class in the future. However, you can buy additional skill trees on the AC Shop!

Your mag

This is one of the most important things to know about. If you mess up your mag, the only way to fix it is by either buying an entirely new mag with IRL Money or by using excubes to buy a certain item that will allow you to decrease a certain stat of your mag. Follow these guidelines and you should be good to go!

You’ll have access to your mag upon unlocking Cofy and completing Cofy’s Client Order [Mag License Trial].
Your mag will follow you everywhere and give you stats when equipped. A mag has multiple stats that you can level by feeding it various items (Weapons, Units, Healing items, Furnitures).

Your goal is to make your mag lv.200 in your main attack stat! A mag can only have 200 total levels so your main stat has to be the only stat levelled on your mag!

How to correctly feed my mag?

With our goal in mind, we need to go over what every type of item does for your mag!

Effects of items on a mag

Weapons :

They will raise the attack stats of a mag based on the type of weapon you give it. For example, if you give it a striking-based weapon, the Striking stat will mostly gain EXP but other attack stats will also receive EXP.

Units :

They will raise the defense stats of a mag based on the type of units you give it. I’m not entirely sure what does what but you’ll most likely never feed your mag units.

Items :
They will raise any stats depending on the type of items you give it. You will probably never do that as well to level your mag up.

Furnitures :
They will LEVEL DOWN certain stats. What type does what will be updated later.

Food Devices

This is the safest and best way to level your mag! They allow you to level only one stat of your choice without the risk of gaining levels in another stat. Food devices are obtainable at the excube shop by spending excubes (A currency that you’re going to start using in mid-game). You can also buy food devices at the player shop but they can become pretty expensive depending on the type you’re looking for.

You’ll also receive 50 Small food devices of each type when you complete the [Aspire to be a mag breeder] client order (JP Name of the client order).

Which stat should my mag focus on?

The stat of your mag will depend on the class you’re playing!

Make a Striking/MEL if you play : Hunter/Fighter/Katana Braver

Make a Ranged/RNG if you play : Ranger/Gunner/Bow Braver

Make a Technique/TEC if you play : Force/Techer/Summoner

Make a DEX if you play : Braver (With both Bow and Katana)/Bouncer

With your first mag done correctly, other classes may benefit from it. For example if you start with Hunter, your mag can be used later if you decide to level your Fighter.
You can buy additional mags with AC, allowing you to cover other stats and make more classes benefit from a mag!

The subtlety of Dexterity

Dexterity is a weird stat, the reason it is extremely useful right now for Hybrid Braver and Bouncer is because of the way both classes are played.

Hybrid Bravers will be using Katanas which deal Striking damage as well as Bows which deal Ranged damage, with that in mind, focusing your mag on either Striking/Ranged would not be ideal for playing hybrid.
The same principle goes for Bouncers, while attacking with Jet Boots, they can use a technique to change the element of their jet boots to fit the weakness of a mob and deal more damage, which means they deal Technique damage as well as Striking damage.

This is where DEX shines the most, a DEX mag will equally distribute its points through the stats you’ll be needing. For Hybrid Bravers, you would receive both MEL and RNG and for bouncers, you would receive both TEC and MEL.

Beware of Phantom

Phantom is a class that was released in Episode 6 that is not yet available on NA. It is important to note that currently in the JP Version, as soon as you choose Phantom as Main class or Sub-class, then having a DEX Mag is the way to go.

If you’re going with a DEX Mag…

Going with a DEX Mag will offer you the fewest options of classes on a character as of right now, the best classes for you to play will be Braver and Bouncer. Going with another class on this character is possible, but you won’t be able to take advantage of your mag. The solution to that problem is to either buy a new mag using AC or have an alt with a different type of mag for the class you want to play.

Gearing up

In PSO2, you have different types of equipment you’ll need to upgrade as you progress as the mobs get stronger.

Your set of equipment consist of

  • A weapon (Or even multiple weapons depending on your class)
  • 3 units (Arm, Legs, Rear)
  • Skill rings

Basic concept of equippable items

Weapons and Units share a similar system when it comes to determining how good it is. They have a certain rarity determined by stars, as the rarity goes up, so does the power of the item as well as its requirement for you to equip it. In order for you to equip an item, you’ll need to reach a certain number in a stat, for weapons it is usually the main stat (Striking, Dexterity or Technique) while units can vary between your main stat and special stats, it differs on the type of units.

As you level up, your stats will go up as well, levelling your Mag also gives you stats!


Your weapon has a direct relation to your damage. If you look at the example above, you can see that the weapon I’ve shown has a Technical attack value of 1669, which means that in the damage formula, this stat will be used when I deal technical damage (Most likely from magic stuff aka techniques). Depending on your class and weapon you use, it will vary between MEL (Melee), TEC (Technical), RNG (Ranged) as they are the 3 ways to deal damage.

As mentioned above, as you level up your class and your mag, your stats will go up, keep an eye on the player shop as you progress for an higher rarity weapon you could equip!


Units are divided into 4 types :

  • Arm
  • Leg
  • Rear
  • Sub

Your character has 3 unit slots which are Arm, Leg and Rear. You can only put an arm unit in your arm slot, rear into rear slot and leg into leg slot. That’s where the fourth type comes into play, the sub unit can go in any of these slots but is generally weaker. Units will mostly focus on your defense and HP/PP Values, so while they are not fully related to your DPS they are still important for you to survive in case you get hit.

Until you reach max level, you can equip whatever units drops and equip whatever is better than what you currently have. You will mostly focus on units when you reach max level and start farming for the best equipment available.

Skill Rings

Skill rings are items that augment your abilities in unique ways. They are separated into two types, Left Ring and Right Ring.
Left rings will produce unique effects allowing you to alter your playstyle while right rings will typically emulate already existing skills.

Your ring will level up as long as you have it equipped, it’ll receive 5% of your EXP, whenever it level up the grind limit is augmented by 1, the max level is 20.

Where and how to obtain Rings?

Rings are obtainable in Franca’s cafe by accessing Aaltje’s shop.

To obtain rings, you will need to trade gathered materials.

A section about gathering will be available soon, until then, I’d strongly suggest looking up at this video!

Inventory Management

By default, you only have 50 item slots, which can be easily filled if you don’t pay attention and just loot everything that drops.

Here’s a few tricks in order for you to handle your inventory in a better way. This guide covers the early and mid-game, as I’m not sure of differences in the end-game looting with JP.

Settings to activate to loot more easily

There are a few hidden settings that make your life easier when you’re looting which will make you automatically loot Meseta by only walking on it and automatically loot high-rarity items without doing anything.

(The terms might not exactly be the same as I based myself off the JP Version, this will be updated if NA is different)

Start by opening up the game menu by pressing ESC and then go in Options.

Under “Game Settings” select “Settings” and scroll to the bottom of that list and you should see the “Automatic Pick Up” section.

PSO2 Beginner's Guide For NA Players 13

Enable every setting as above except. This will guarantee that you don’t miss out on Meseta or any high-rarity weapon that might drop.

Inventory Space

Inventory space is quite a luxury in this game, every character starts with 50 slots and it can become full in no time. Your character is able to get more inventory space by buying an “Inventory Expansion (10)” on the AC Shop for 300 AC. While it is possible to stick with 50, I strongly recommend throwing in some spare money to make it easier.


While your inventory is not huge, you have access to storage which can hold quite a lot of items. You can access your storage at any time by accessing these terminals around the lobby or when entering a quest (There’s one in the ship before entering the area).

PSO2 Beginner's Guide For NA Players 14

You’ll have access to multiple kinds of storage. Here’s a quick explanation of all of them

Basic StorageAccount-wide storage, all of your characters can access it. Starts with 200 slots.
Character StorageStorage only accessible to your character. Starts with 300 slots. Can be upgraded by buying a “Character Storage Expansion (50)” pass on the AC Shop.
Temp StorageThis storage is used if you cannot receive an item sent to you by admins or by completing a quest. You cannot deposit items in this storage.
Premium StoragePremium-only storage. While you need to be premium to deposit items, you can withdraw items without premium. 400 slots.

You’re also able to send any items directly into your storage while on a mission. To do so, open your inventory, select the item you want to send in your storage and select “Send to Storage” and select the storage you want to send your item in.

Material Storage

Material storage is an extremely useful storage where you can store all of your materials and junk. It has 2500 slots and you have the option to bulk move all of your materials into this storage while accessing a terminal. This makes inventory management a lot easier!

To have access to it, you’ll need to pay 300 Star Gems to buy a 30 days pass to this storage.

What should I loot?

In this game, you’ll drop A LOT of stuff. But fear not, you can easily determine if an item is worth looting or not if you simply start by looking at the color!


They drop often, they can drop under 3 different colors. 

YellowCommon drop. Represents a weapon dealing Technical damage.
OrangeCommon drop. Represents a weapon dealing Striking damage.
BlueCommon drop. Represents a weapon dealing Ranged damage.
RedRare drop. When there’s at least one rare drop, you’ll see a RARE DROP notification on your screen. Always loot these, even if not used, they can be exchanged for excubes, sold for their abilities, or used for grinding.
RainbowHigh rarity weapon. If you activated the settings above, they will be looted automatically as they’re quite powerful. If you see one, loot it without asking yourself any questions.

The only reason you want to loot a yellow item would be if the rarity is higher than your currently equipped weapon or if the number of abilities on it is high. Most of the time, you will want to pass on those.

Unidentified weapons

Weapons can also drop in the form of an unidentified weapon. While the type of weapon is determined, the item and its abilities are not determined yet, you’ll need to identify them by visiting the item tekker in the shop area. They will drop as white octahedrons with a red aura.

PSO2 Beginner's Guide For NA Players 15


They drop under two colors, Purple and Red. Same principle as weapons, red units will drop if they’re rare while everything else is going to be purple.

If you’re in the early/mid game, you want to check if it has a higher rarity than what you currently have equipped. In the end-game, this will change, and it will be explained in the future.


Disks will often drop, they allow you to learn new Photon Arts and Techniques. They can drop between level 1 and 17, depending on the difficulty of your mission.
While starting out, I’d recommend learning all of the disks you can learn, an easy way to find that out is by checking the color of the text when hovering over a disk. If it’s gray, that means it cannot be learned (Either you already learned the ability and the level is the same or higher) while if the text is white, you will be able to learn it.


Furniture will drop in the form of a purple octahedron, you can loot them at your discretion, they can be used in your room or used to level down certain stats of your mag.


Different materials can drop in the form of a black octahedron with a red aura. I’d recommend always looting these and placing them in your material storage/any other storages as they can be useful in the future.

Abilities on weapons and units

I won’t go into details when it comes to abilities as this will be more useful when you reach end-game.
Everytime a weapon/unit drops, its number of abilities is randomly generated, it varies between 0-8. The higher the better, the reason behind that is because of the affixing system which is massive and can be hard to understand.

This guide will briefly go over affixing in the future, in the meantime, you should always keep an eye on items with a high ability count, they can be worth a fortune on the player shop or useful to you in the future.

General rules of thumb

To efficiently manage your inventory, here are some rules of thumbs that I’ve been using on JP to not run out of space.

  • Before starting a new quest (Especially an urgent quest). Take a few minutes to clean up your inventory to have enough space.
  • If there are any disks in your inventory that you can use, use them. If the level of the disk is lower than what you currently have, remove it from your inventory. Sell it if it’s worth something, put it in one of your storage for one of your characters to use or simply discard it.
  • Only keep a handful of boosters in your inventory and place the others in your storage. If you have a bunch of Tri-Boost +100% for example, you shouldn’t hold on to Tri-Boost +50%, the same principle should apply to other boosts.

Following these rules should help you manage your inventory a bit more easily.

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