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How much is PS Plus? What are the advantages of the service, which games are there? Our ultimate PS Plus overview answers all the important questions about Sony’s service.

All questions & answers about PlayStation Plus

What is PS Plus?

PS Plus is a paid membership of the PlayStation Network that Sony launched in June 2010. If you buy a subscription, you benefit from a number of different advantages.

How much is PS Plus?

PlayStation Plus prices vary depending on the length of the subscription. In addition, the service has become somewhat more expensive since August 2019. We list all current prices for the service:

  • 1 month PS Plus: $9.99
  • 3 months PS Plus:  $24.99
  • 12 months PS Plus: $59.99

Sometimes PS Plus is cheaper to buy: the 12-month membership is available from retailers like Amazon or the PS Store itself from time to time, so keep your eyes open.

What are the advantages of a PS Plus subscription?

If you have a PS4, then an active PS Plus membership is essential if you want to play in online multiplayer. In addition, PS Plus gives you access to PS4 games every month, which you can download from the PS Store at no additional cost. But that’s not all, there are other advantages:

  • You get exclusive discounts on games in the PS Store
  • Exclusive themes and designs that you can download for free with PS Plus
  • Access to 100GB of cloud storage where you can upload your scores at any time
  • Take part early or in exclusive beta or alpha tests of certain games
  • Receive limited-time offers on certain brands through PS Plus Rewards
PS Plus - Games, Prices, Advantages 2

What games are there on PS Plus?

PS Plus offers subscribers a monthly range of games that they can download from the PS Store at no additional cost. Since February 2019 there are two free games for PS4 every month .

When will new PS Plus games be released?

The PS Plus games of the month are usually announced on the last Wednesday of the month. For example, the PS Plus games in November 2019 were unveiled on October 30.

However, exceptions do happen. The October 2019 titles were not revealed on the last Wednesday of the month at 5:30 p.m., but one day earlier as part of a Sony State of Play event.

When can I download new PS Plus games from the PS Store?

PS Plus games from the previous month are usually replaced by the new games every first Tuesday of the month. For example, the PS Plus games in November 2019, which will be announced on October 30, will go to the PS Store on Tuesday, November 5.

What is PS Plus Rewards?

Behind PS Plus Rewards is a reward system for members of the paid service that waves monthly with changing discounts from different brands. The rewards are intended to make the PlayStation Plus subscription more attractive and at the same time compensate for the discontinuation of the PS3 and Vita games from the monthly free lineup. 

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