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Pet battles in World of Warcraft aren’t as simple as their Pokémon-style may suggest. A lot of encounters will need you to choose specific pets to counter or bypass certain abilities, and the fight with Prince Wiggletail is no exception. This guide will give a brief overview of his abilities, and ways you can defeat him.

Even though this battle has been out for a whole patch already, many people who are getting into pet battles are falling short. If you need some assistance in beating this cute little guy, then please read on and follow some of our strategies outlined below.

We’ve also uploaded some visual help as a lot of people do struggle to find the cave entrance.

Prince Wiggletail location

NPC: Prince Wiggletail - Pet Battle Guide 2

World of Warcraft’s maps can sometimes be misleading. There are often many caves or alcoves that hide NPCs, and it can sometimes be difficult to navigate your way to your map waypoints by just running as the crow flies.

NPC: Prince Wiggletail - Pet Battle Guide 3

The Prince can be found within a cave, whose entrance is at 34.81, 27.31, in the North West area of Nazjatar. There are hostile enemies nearby, so be sure to not just run in there without taking them out first if you’re under-geared. Stealth classes can sneak in without an issue.

Prince Wiggletail strategies

There isn’t one specific way to beat this NPC, but we have curated a few of the easier methods.

His abilities are as follows:


Tidal Wave X


Strategy 1


  • Iron Starlette
  • Darkmoon Zeppelin
  • Chrominius


  1. Wind-Up
  2. Toxic Smoke
  3. Wind-Up
  4. Swap to Darkmoon Zeppelin
  5. Decoy
  6. Explode > swap to Iron Starlette
  7. Explode > swap to Chrominius
  8. Surge of Power

Strategy 2


  • Unborn Val’kyr
  • Zandalari Kneebiter
  • Any Pet


  1. Shadow Slash
  2. Curse of Doom
  3. Haunt
  4. Unborn Val’kyr will die, bring Zandalari Kneebiter in
  5. Pass x2 (Due to evasion)
  6. Hunting Party

Strategy 3 (lvl1 team)


  • Any 3 undead pets


  • This strategy involves using level 1 undead pets only because it will make Price Wiggletail scale down. The benefit of undead is that they will auto-revive once pet battle, effectively granting you the damage of 6 pets within a fight. Use your worse pet in slot 3.

Any of the above combos should work for you, so choose one based on what pets you already have. If you are completely new to WoW’s pet battle system, we’d recommend the level 1 undead strategy, as it’s the easiest to set-up and win with.

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