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The Covenant of nature and life cycles, the keepers of autumn and winter, the Night Fae’s are a vital part in keeping Shadowlands balanced. The Night Fae Covenant is based in Ardenweald, the dark mirror of the Emerald Dream, and just from that you can tell the nature of this covenant. The Covenant (and area) have a Night Elf feel to it, although it welcome anyone who will protect nature regardless, of race.

Sanctum – Heart of the Forest

The Night Fae sanctum is The Heart of the Forest, here players will be able use the scouting map, access the covenant specific area The Queen’s Conservatory, Night Fae Amphitheater, use the transportation network, and use the Anima Conductor.

Queen’s Conservatory

Here players will have access to a special garden in which players can aid souls to grow powerful, ready for their rebirth.One a soul has been rebirth they will show their gratitude with a rewards cache that can contains pets and mounts. With care, you can grow your garden to unlock new powers and perks. So are the Queen’s Conservatory has 5 Tiers to work through via Zayhad, The Builder, these are:

Tier One

  • First Planting – Access to the Queen’s Conservatory, where you will learn to restore the souls of lost gods to life.

Tier Two

  • Initial Growth – Unlocks access to Catalyst plots, and activates an additional Wildseed.

Tier Three

  • Nurtured Souls – Activates additional Wildseed and catalyst plots in the Queen’s Conservatory. Unlocks access to the speed catalyst.

Tier Four

  • Flourishing Beds – Activates additional Wildseed and catalyst plots in the Queen’s Conservatory.

Tier Five

  • Final Forms – Activates the final Wildseed and catalyst plots in the Queen’s Conservatory.

Night Fae Amphitheater

Here, players of the Night Fae Covenant will be able to relive their life in Azeroth, but with a hint of the Night Fae elements. At the moment, all that we know is that its a quest line, and we are unsure of what rewards there are.

Scouting Map

This will be used the same as it is currently in game, allowing players to unlock certain areas and work through the ranks of the covenant. Not much has been released at this time, more information will be added at a later date.

Transportation Network – Fae circles

Each covenant will have their own transportation network, allowing players to travel effortlessly between points of interest. As Anima is running low in all areas, players must replenish Anima levels to unlock the abilities to travel to certain areas. There are currently Three levels to work towards, there being:

Tier One

Tier Two

Tier Three

Anima Conductor

Not much has been released about Anima Conductor and the roles it will hold, but as Anima is such a large feature within Shadowlands, and highly sort after within Covenants, its believed that raising the level of Anima for you covenant will unlock certain perks. So far players can unlock areas and special rewards based on how much Anima has been collected. Firstly, players must unlock the ability to travel to different areas to collect Anima, this is done by upgrading the Anima conductor through Zayhad, The Builder.

Tier One

  • Flowing Tendrils – Unlocks access to the Sanctum’s first two Anima diversion locations.

Tier Two

  • Streaming Threads – Unlocks access to more locations for Anima diversion in Ardenweald.

Tier Three

  • Flowing Power – Unlocks access to further locations for Anima diversion in Ardenweald.

Upon completion of the upgrades players will have new areas unlocked that open up new quests and rewards. These new areas are:

  • Glitterfall Basin – Find a unique Covenant treasure.
  • Dreamsong Fenn – Fight an enemy champion.
  • Tirna Vaal – Access a Covenant World Quest.
  • Hibernal Hollow – Access a set of Covenant daily quests.
  • Claw’s Edge – Get access to powerful Night Fae enhancements.
  • Tirna Scithe – Fight an elite enemy champion.


To be able to get the fullest from your chosen Covenant, players will need to work through the ranks of their Covenant. By levelling up your renown (rep) with your Covenant, you will gain trust, unlock perks for your Soulbinds, and allows players to upgrade and repair their Sanctum.

There are a few ways to gain Renown with your Covenant, these are:

  • Play through of the Covenant specific quests
  • Gathering Anima for your Covenant through a weekly Quest
  • Within The Maw you will also have a weekly quest given by someone from your Covenant.

There are currently 40 levels of Renown to work through, with set milestones that provide perks for your Covenant. The levels are as followed:

Level Two

  • Niya Row 2

Level Three

Level Four

  • Niya Row 3

Level Five

  • Dreamweaver Row 3

Level Six

  • World Quest Reward Item Level Increase

Level Seven

  • Niya Row 4

Level Eight

Level Nine

  • World Quest Reward Item Level Increase

Level Ten

  • Dreamweaver Row 4

Level Eleven

  • Sanctum Tier 2

Level Twelve

  • World Quest Reward Item Level Increase

Level Thirteen

  • Dreamweaver Row 5

Level Fourteen

  • Runecarver Memory (Legendary Recipe)

Level Fifteenth

  • World Quest Reward Item Level Increase

Level Sixteen

  • Niya Row 5

Level Seventeen

Level Eighteen

  • World Quest Reward Item Level Increase

Level Nineteen

  • Sanctum Tier 3

Level Twenty

Level Twenty One

  • World Quest Reward Item Level Increase

Level Twenty Three

Level Twenty Four

  • Niya Row 6

Twenty Five

Level Twenty Six

  • World Quest Reward Item Level Increase

Level Twenty Seven

  • Korayn Row 6

Level Twenty Eight

  • Dreamweaver Row 6

Level Twenty Nine

  • Queen’s Conservatory Tier 4

Level Thirty

  • World Quest Reward Item Level Increase

Level Thirty One

  • Niya Row 7

Level Thirty Two

  • Dreamweaver Row 7

Level Thirty Three

Level Thirty Four

  • World Quest Reward Item Level Increase

Level Thirty Five

  • Korayn Row 7

Level Thirty Seven

  • Queen’s Conservatory Tier 5

Level Thirty Eight

Level Thirty Nine

  • All Soulbinds Row 8

Level Fourty

There are some spaces currently, we believe these will be gear/mount rewards, but we will update this once we have confirmation.

Milestones have their own rewards, these currently occur at levels 6,7,11,12,14,16,21,24,26,32,34.


One of the main deciding factors for players will be the abilities gained upon joining each covenant. Players will receive one general ability, and one class specific ability.


Soulshape: Turn into a [Shape], increasing movement speed by 30%. You may reactivate Soulshape to teleport 10 yds. forward. Lasts 12 seconds, or indefinitely while in a rest area. 

The general ability for Night Fae has to be one of the more interesting abilities available. Players can collect different shapes to transform into, the first being a spirit fox. So far blizzard has announced the following to be collected:

  • Bear
  • Cobra
  • Crane
  • Dragon Turtle
  • Feathered Drake
  • Grython
  • Hippogryph
  • Hyena
  • Lion
  • Moose
  • Moth
  • Nightsaber
  • Owlcat
  • Raptor
  • Runestag
  • Stag
  • Teroclaw
  • Tiger
  • Unicorn
  • Wolf
  • Wolfhawk
  • Wyvern

Although there isn’t any indication on how to unlock these, its expected that they will be quest or achievement rewards. Class specific abilities for Night Fae can be found in our more in-depth guide.


Death Knight

  • Death’s Due – Instant cast, 30 yd range, 30 sec cooldown, 1 Rune

Demon Hunter

  • The Hunt – 1 sec cast, 50 yd range, 3 min cooldown.







  • Fae Guardians – Instant cast, 1.5 min cooldown, 2% of base mana.


  • Sepsis – Instant, 1.5 min cooldown



  • Soul Rot – 1.5 sec cast, 40 yd range, 1 min cooldown.


Dungeon Bonuses

Each Covenant will have their own unique bonus within a dungeon which can aid the entire party. With Night Fae, depending on the dungeon they can:

  • Unlock new paths that skip certain trash packs
  • Give a 10% stat buff to all party members
  • unlock checkpoints


Each covenant will have their own specific Denizens they can Soulbind with, soulbinding with a Denizen will allowing players to gain extra abilities and perks from their chosen one. Each Denizen will have its own soul tree available to the player that will be unlocked once you’re soul binded, allowing the player to access further abilities for them. You will only be able to souldbind with one Denizen at a time, so we can imagine there will be some management of which you use for certain situations.

Anima will be needed to strengthen soul binds and work through the soul tree (think of this as Azerite power), this will most likely be farmed in the same way as Azerite is currently.

At the moment there are three for each covenant available, although we are unsure if more will unlock at a later date. Each soul tree has set points you can select, and these are the same for all players regardless of spec, although points can be added and changed by using Conduits. Conduits are used similar to Legion artifacts relics, and will come in Tank, DPS, and Healer forms. The available Denizens for Night Fae are as followed.


Niya is a sylvar who was tasked with guarding and caring for the wildseeds in her grove, whom you met in a time of tragedy as her grove was left to wither so that its anima could be reclaimed. As she journeyed with you, Niya learned the hard truths of survival admidst the drought. An expert hunter and tracker, her skills will aid resolving the drought, and the other threats to Ardenweald.

Soulbind Tree


“Calm and Serene Dreamweaver is adept at peering into the dreams of nature spirits who slumber within the forest’s wildseeds as they await their rebirth. Dreamweaver helped you form a bond with one particular wildseed whose sleeping spirit reached out. His healing powers provide support as Ardenweald is besieged by outside forces.”



“Huntress of the Wild Hunt, Korayn is a strong-willed leader and ferocious fighter. Tasked with protecting the forest from the most dangerous and elusive threats, she will not rest until her quarry is slain and Ardenweald’s safety is secured. When Hibernal Hollow came under attack, it is Korayn’s leadership and resolve that helped win the day.”


Reward Items

The Night Fae armour set looks exactly how you’d expect it to, full of branches, gems and fairy wings. Very suited for those who connect with nature and the elements. Like the other covenants, the armour set comes in four colours and we believe this will be unlock-able via progression of your rank within the covenant.

Tilly has been playing World of Warcraft since 2006. She has spent the majority of her WoW career playing Holy Paladin, but for Shadowlands she intends to main an Orc Warrior. Lok'tar Ogar!
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