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The James Bond movies certainly will not be dying off for the foreseeable future. No Time to Die, the 25th film in the incredibly long-running franchise, will be the last movie that Daniel Craig will feature in. Mixing in old and new characters to Craig’s saga, each prominent person has had their own poster profiled for them.

No Time to Die is set to ‘revitalize’ an already heavily revitalized franchise. 2006 saw the revamp of the Bond films, where Craig’s Bond found himself in very dangerous conditions, narrowly escaping with his own life. Far gone are the days of Bond movies where lots of punches and bullets are thrown, yet Bond always escapes with a well-pressed suit.

The posters, which are available to view below, are a fairly simple and old-fashioned approach. I suppose nothing extravagant needs to be done, considering Bond films sell themselves. However, some of the poses and shots make it seem like they’re advertising a new Marvel movie.

No time to Die will hit the theatres on April 10th, 2020.

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