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Niantic has announced new features for Pokémon GO. Beyond the large number of temporary events taking place this July, with Mewtwo Acorazado as the main protagonist, the developer is working on improving the trainer battles with small details that will affect the PvP experience. Also, new attacks are coming.

Brief pauses in battle when changing Pokémon

The first change directly affects the PvP. Pokémon GO trainer combat are based on real-time combat games with 1v1 clashes where each Pokémon can make a fast attack and one loaded when we have enough energy. From now on the battle will be paused for a short period of time when Pokémon are changed – either because it has fallen or because the trainer swapped it out.

With this change players will have a few seconds to think about the strategy and choose the Pokémon they’re going to call next; this will prevent Pokémon from causing damage to each other while being extracted from the Pokéball, which we knew as unavoidable residual damage. Now it disappears.

This balancing also affects the loaded attack, which will be improved with “new and fun” sliding and pressing mechanics, so it won’t be just pressing one button anymore. We don’t know exactly how this change will be applied.

New moves for Pokémon

Over the next few weeks, a series of Pokémon will receive new attack moves they couldn’t learn before, which will directly affect their presence on the competitive scene. Pokémon previously less used because of their lack of versatility in the range of abilities will now gain presence in the PvP scene, and it is to be hoped that this measure will balance PvP in general.

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