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Streaming media online has become such a popular thing that you’d find it a challenge to find a household where someone doesn’t do it. Gone are the days of renting movies at Blockbuster (RIP) and playing them on your VHS or DVD player. In today’s age, we have every film ever produced available at the end of our fingertips.

Obviously, services like this should be behind a paywall; however, just like with everything in the world, there are people who have set-up websites which allow access to to some not-so-legal uploads of your favorite movies. These websites get away with it for the most part, as they don’t actually upload or host the media themselves, but allow a convenient way for you to find it.

If you aren’t too worried about a legal stream of a movie, then websites like Moviesjoy.net are a great alternative. There are two main pros for websites like Moviesjoy: one is that it’s completely free, the second is that you aren’t restricted to what you can watch (like Netflix and Prime).

One of the biggest drawbacks to illegitimate streaming websites is that they are usually riddled with intrusive and harassing advertisements. This is because they want to make as much money from you as possible, and have no thought about your user experience while navigating the site. There are a few gems on the net where websites will either have a very small amount of ads, or no ads at all; Moviesjoy.net is the latter.


Moviesjoy.net features

Moviesjoy.net is a movie and TV show streaming website which allows uninterrupted streaming, without any annoying intrusive advertisements. The website itself doesn’t host any ads, but you may sometimes have to watch pre-play advertisements via the streaming platform (similar to YouTube). You are able to access all of the movies and shows without having to create an account, or purchase a subscription. There are over 10,000 different shows and movies available, and some of the streaming servers allow the ability for you to download the media onto your PC or mobile.

Filter by genre

Moviesjoy is a breeze to navigate through due to their excellent amount of filtering options. Of course, the most important and basic one is to filter by genre. This is one of the most useful categories as if you have no idea what to watch, but you’re feeling like you want a cheap scare, then you can just click on the horror category and select something that you like the look of. There are many categories available, from Action, all the way to War.

Filter by country

Another useful category is to filter by country. This allows you to filter TV shows and movies by their country of origin. There are 12 countries listed, as well as an “international” category, where media from countries that don’t have their own sub-category are placed. Feeling like you want to divulge in an evening of French films? Moviesjoy has you covered.

Filter by IMBD rating

A really unique filter option is to view movies and TV shows by IMBD rating. IMBD is one of the biggest and most used media rating websites, and is considered to “go-to” site for finding the ratings of a movie. Therefore if you have no idea what to watch, but want to watch something that’s almost unanimously considered very good, then clicking this option and selecting anything from the top of the list will likely not disappoint you.

Filter by latest, most liked, most popular

These three categories are similar so we felt like they didn’t need to be separated. Most liked will show the top movies that users of the website have liked, and most popular will show what movies are watched the most on the website. Obviously most popular doesn’t actually mean it will be the most liked, as a movie that has just been released might get most watched for a week or two, even if it’s terrible.

Closing thoughts

As stated above, Moviesjoy is a free (albeit non-legal) way of watching the latest TV shows and movies online, in the comfort of your own home. Their library is very impressive, and the user interface is nice to use and easy on the eyes. The site doesn’t host any of the media files at all, but simply act like a directory. Moviesjoy places no adverts on the website at all, which improves the user experience massively. However, some rolling ads will be loaded at the start of the movie stream, similar to YouTube (which isn’t annoying at all).

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