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Networking is essential to the success of any business. This is especially the case for new freelancers or startups who are seeking to expand their contacts and break into a new field or industry. It can be difficult to get started as networking takes valuable time and money that many startups lack.

However, the explosion of interest in Melbourne’s coworking spaces has provided an easy solution to this problem. Throughout Australia, startups and entrepreneurs are finding that coworking spaces offer excellent opportunities for finding collaborators, inspiration, and contacts in an organic way. To maximise your chances of successfully expanding your network it can pay off to be prepared.

Let’s look at some specific tips to network effectively in Melbourne’s coworking spaces.

Use The Environment To Your Advantage

The open and connected environment in any coworking space is an ideal setting to forge meaningful contacts with like-minded entrepreneurs. Working alongside enthusiastic and engaged people from other companies or even other industries can provide you with valuable opportunities to discuss ideas and generate new interest in your business.

Use lounge areas and coffee breaks to introduce yourself to new people in your coworking space. Try eating lunch with new colleagues as often as you feel comfortable with it. You never know who you might meet who can bring a great deal of value to your company.

Exchange Services

If you are an expert in your field, take the opportunity to assist your coworking colleagues if they struggle in this area. You can even suggest that you exchange your respective specialised skills and help each other out. More than just skills, you can also use your knowledge base as a means of assisting your colleagues. If someone is struggling with a project and looks like they could use a hand in your coworking space, be open to helping them out. In the best case, you may even establish a permanent business relationship with someone as an outcome.

If done successfully and thoughtfully, you can be sure that other colleagues will hear about your arrangement and offer to collaborate with you as well. This can drastically increase the opportunities for your business to grow.

Attend Networking Events For Members

Looking for a premium coworking space provider is essential for many reasons. One of these is the opportunity to attend several events for members only. With membership networks that are several tens of thousands of members strong, this is something that you cannot ignore if you are looking to expand your network. These events, including happy hours and other casual get-togethers, are excellent opportunities to explain your projects and plans to a receptive audience.

Avoid Coming On Too Strong

While it can be exciting to be exposed to so many opportunities to expand your network, resist the urge to push your networking too far. Coming on too strong or with an obvious agenda can be a surefire way to quickly lose your colleagues’ respect. Nobody wants to be treated as a means to an end or viewed as just another opportunity for you to make money. Make sure that your interactions in a coworking space are organic and natural. Be patient and your network will expand faster than you might expect.

Be Authentic And Watch Your Network Grow

Coworking is popular for a variety of reasons but prominent among these is the opportunity to work alongside other motivated individuals. Be yourself and be authentic with your colleagues and they will be attracted and interested in what you are working towards.

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