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Mark of the Hidden Satyr is an enchant from the Legion World of Warcraft expansion. There are 3 ranks available, and it’s a very popular enchant for levelling new characters, due to its great damage and proc rate.

For gold makers, it’s a good enchant to invest in, assuming your specific realm’s auction house isn’t completely flooded.

How to get Mark of the Hidden Satyr

Rank 1

To obtain the rank 1 enchant, you will need to complete the quest The Absent Priestess.

The quest is obtained from Priestess Driana, who is found at 36.4, 34.0 in Azsuna. However, this quest is locked within a chain of quests. You must first pick up the quest Cursed, But Convenient in Dalaran (Legion) from Enchanter Nalthanis (38.6, 40.8). Following this chain will take you to The Absent Priestess.

Rank 2

Rank 2 is dropped from two different mobs, in Darkheart Thicket. Shade of Xavius seems to be the better drop rate, and it’s confirmed that it drops in Normal mode, meaning you can endlessly farm it (within hourly lockout restrictions).

Shade of XaviusDarkheart Thicket
Taintheart DeadeyeDarkheart Thicket

Rank 3

Rank 3 is only dropped from Xavius only, from the raid The Emerald Nightmare. It’s possible to get the drop from LFR, but it has a low drop chance.

XaviusThe Emerald Nightmare

Reagents needed

To craft Mark of the Hidden Satyr you will need the following reagents:

15 – Chaos Crystal 

12 – Leylight Shard 

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