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The first covenant you will encounter will be Kyrian, who are based in the angelic skylines of Bastion. Those who are within this are angelic beings whose main focus is passing souls between life and death. Members of the Kyrian Covenant clear their burdens of their past life, striving for purity and service. Only the most noble of players who are willing to prove their honour to the Archon can join the Kyrians.


The Kyrian sanctum is Elysian Hold, here players will be able use the scouting map, access the covenant specific area Path of Ascension, use the transportation network, and use the Anima Conductor.

Scouting Map

This will be used the same as it is currently in game, allowing players to unlock certain areas and work through the ranks of the covenant. Not much has been released at this time, more information will be added at a later date.

Path of Ascension

One of the exciting new additions coming to Shadowlands is the ability to capture boss’s to train and fight against in you covenants own area, allowing player to gain crafting reagents, loot, gear blueprints, upgraded class abilities, mounts, and currency. To be able to fight again a certain boss, players must have first defeated it normally, and used a Soul Mirror. Within the Path of Ascension players will not be fighting as their character, but sending in a Kyrian Soulblind. All Kyrian players will be able to pick between Forelite Prime Mikanikos, Kleia, or Pelagos, each one has their own set of abilities that can be levelled up during progression.

So far the bosses that have been recorded are Trial: Athanos,Trial: Echthra, Trial: Mad Mortimer, although more will be unlocked an available for the expansion.

Upgrading your sanctum can increase the tiers you can access during Path of Ascension. The upgrades that are currently available are as follows:

To enable your Souldbind to push harder encounters, players can craft charms to boost certain abilities and stats of their chosen Soulbind. Some that have already been named are :

These will be needed to progress within Path of Ascension, and blueprints for these will be drops from bosses already defeated within the arena.

Transportation Network

Each covenant will have their own transportation network, allowing players to travel effortlessly between points of interest. As Anima is running low in all areas, players must replenish Anima levels to unlock the abilities to travel to certain areas. There are currently Three levels to work towards, there being:

Tier 1

  • Step of Faith –  Allows travel to Elysian Hold, Hero’s Rest, Aspirant’s Rest, and the Temple of Courage. After arriving at a location, cast Unburden, greatly increasing movement speed and propelling you forward.

Tier 2

  • Leap of Power – Allows travel to Sagehaven, the Temple of Purity, and the Seat of Eternal Hymns. Unburden duration increased by 100%. Your Summon Steward ability can now create an Elysian Beacon, granting you access to the network in the field.

Tier 3

  • Eternal Paths – Allows travel to the Temple of Humility and Exaltation Rise. Unburden additionally reduces the radius at which enemies will detect you while active. Your steward’s Elysian Beacon can now be used by party members.

Anima Conductor

Not much has been released about Anima Conductor and the roles it will hold, but as Anima is such a large feature within Shadowlands, and highly sort after within Covenants, its believed that raising the level of Anima for you covenant will unlock certain perks. So far players can unlock areas and special rewards based on how much Anima has been collected, there are:

  • Flowing Tendrils – Unlocks access to the Sanctum’s first two Anima diversion locations.
  • Streaming Threads – Unlocks access to more locations for Anima diversion in Bastion.
  • Flowing Power – Unlocks access to further locations for Anima diversion in Bastion.
  • Citadel of Loyalty – Fight an elite enemy champion.
  • Eternal Forge – Access a set of Covenant daily quests.
  • Eonian Archives – Get access to powerful Kyrian enhancements.
  • Purity’s Pinnacle – Find a unique Covenant treasure.
  • Temple of Courage – Fight an enemy champion.
  • Temple of Humility – Access a Covenant World Quest.


To be able to get the fullest from your chosen Covenant, players will need to work through the ranks of their Covenant. By levelling up your renown (rep) with your Covenant, you will gain trust, unlock perks for your Soulbinds, and allows players to upgrade and repair their Sanctum.

There are a few ways to gain Renown with your Covenant, these are:

  • Play through of the Covenant specific quests
  • Gathering Anima for your Covenant through a weekly Quest
  • Within The Maw you will also have a weekly quest given by someone from your Covenant.

There are currently 40 levels of Renown to work through, with set milestones that provide perks for your Covenant. The levels are as followed:

Level Two

  • Pelagos Row 2

Level Three

  • Pelodis / Nemea, Adventure Combatantta Adventure Combatant

Level Four

  • Pelagos Row 3

Level Five

  • Kleia Row 3

Level Six

  • World Quest Reward Item Level Increase

Level Seven

  • Pelagos Row 4

Level Eight

  • Sika, Adventure Combatant

Level Nine

  • World Quest Reward Item Level Increase

Level Ten

  • Kleia Row 4

Level Eleven

  • Sanctum Tier 2

Level Twelve

  • World Quest Reward Item Level Increase

Level Thirteen

Level Fourteen

  • Runecarver Memory (Legendary Recipe)

Level Fifteenth

  • World Quest Reward Item Level Increase

Level Sixteen

  • Pelagos Row 5

Level Seventeen

  • Clora, Adventure Combatant

Level Eighteen

  • World Quest Reward Item Level Increase

Level Nineteen

  • Sanctum Tier 3

Level Twenty

  • Weapon Illusion SIgn of the Kyrian, Hearthstone

Level Twenty One

  • World Quest Reward Item Level Increase

Level Twenty Three

  • Pet –

Level Twenty Four

Twenty Five

Level Twenty Six

  • World Quest Reward Item Level Increase

Level Twenty Seven

  • Mikanikos Row 6

Level Twenty Eight

  • Kleia Row 6

Level Twenty Nine

  • Path of Ascension Tier 4

Level Thirty

  • World Quest Reward Item Level Increase

Level Thirty One

  • Pelagos Row 7

Level Thirty Two

  • Kleia Row 7

Level Thirty Three

  • Bron, Adventure Combatant

Level Thirty Four

  • World Quest Reward Item Level Increase

Level Thirty Five

  • Mikanikos Row 7

Level Thirty Seven

  • Path of Ascension Tier 5

Level Thirty Eight

Level Thirty Nine

  • All Soulbinds Row 8

Level Fourty

There are some spaces currently, we believe these will be gear/mount rewards, but we will update this once we have confirmation.

Milestones have their own rewards, these currently occur at levels 6,7,11,12,14,16,21,24,26,32,34.


One of the main deciding factors for players will be the abilities gained upon joining each covenant. Players will receive one general ability, and one class specific ability.


Summon StewardCall your steward to bring you a Phial of Serenity that can be consumed to restore some of your health and remove all Curse, Disease, Poison, and Bleed Effects. Your Steward additionally offers access to a selection of useful amenities, each once per day.


Death Knight

Demon Hunter


  • Kindred Spirits – 2.5 Second cast, 1 hour duration, 40 yd range, 2.5% mana base cost.



  • Radiant Spark – 1.5 Second cast, 30 second cooldown, 40 yd range, 2% mana base cost.



  • Divine Toll – Instant cast, 1 minute cooldown, 30 yd range, 30% base mana cost.




  • Vesper Totem – Instant cast, 1 minute cooldown, 40 yd range, 10% mana base cost.


  • Scouring Tithe – 2 Second cast, 40 second cooldown, 40 yd range, 20% mana base cost.



Each covenant will have their own specific Denizens they can Soulbind with, soulbinding with a Denizen will allowing players to gain extra abilities and perks from their chosen one. Each Denizen will have its own soul tree available to the player that will be unlocked once you’re soul binded, allowing the player to access further abilities for them. You will only be able to souldbind with one Denizen at a time, so we can imagine there will be some management of which you use for certain situations.

Anima will be needed to strengthen soul binds and work through the soul tree (think of this as Azerite power), this will most likely be farmed in the same way as Azerite is currently.

At the moment there are three for each covenant available, although we are unsure if more will unlock at a later date. Each soul tree has set points you can select, and these are the same for all players regardless of spec, although points can be added and changed by using Conduits. Conduits are used similar to Legion artifacts relics, and will come in Tank, DPS, and Healer forms. The available Denizens for Kyrians are as followed.

Forgelite Prime Mikanikos

Forgelite Prime Mikanikos, a steward of Bastion, showed promise from his earliest days and quickly rose to the rank of Forgelite Prime. He was the primary inventor of many of Bastion’s most iconic creations. Recognizing the potential of the Maw Walker, he became a formidable ally to help you get to the bottom of the anima drought and take on other threats.

Soulbind Tree


“Kleia met you while she was still an aspirant. She demonstrated to her soulbound companion Pelagos and the rest of the kyrian that she wants to push forward and best any trials they faced. A caring mentor to Pelagos and you, she will do whatever she can to protect her friends and Bastion.”

Souldbind Tree


“Pelagos trains diligently for ascension even in the face of challenge and adversity. Along with Kleia, his other soulbind, Pelagos is quick to befriend you as you seek an audience with the Archon and confront the Forsworn threat. Despite the trials he faces, Pelagos pushes ever forward, steadfast and optimistic.”

Soulbind Tree

Reward Items

Armour sets for Kyrians are a real representation of Bastion, it captures the angelic land in which these noble servants live. The armour set currently has four different variety of colours, this is likely to be unlocked via progression within the covenant, although this hasn’t been confirmed as of yet. Gear sets are available in all armour requirements.

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