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Q: Hi Pinkskull, thanks for taking the time out of your busy Alliance ganking schedule to chat with us – please tell everyone a little bit about yourself.

A: Hello, as you may know I’m Pinkskull The Multiboxer. I’m a 30 year old Norwegian man. I have a 13 year old daughter. and I’m single.. for now.. 😉 And yes I am straight – I got stuck with the name Pink after I made my first DK.. I was not in a lifetime ever going to play a DK.. that’s a stupid class.. (that’s how many people, including me reacted to the DKs being introduced into WOTLK). Since I was not going to play a DK, and just test it out, I just gave it a stupid name xD .. and guess what.. I got stuck with that DK, I never changed that “stupid” name and now I’m known as Pink The Multiboxer x)

Q: Why multibox? What got you started?

A: What got me started, well, back in vanilla I was a overly active PVE raider, I was 2nd off tank in the 3rd best guild on my server (Equilibrium). We raided every single day of the week but after months of the relentless naxx progress, days of just wiping for hours and hours and the upcoming TBC expansion I figured I would leave this “life” and start going at the new world on my own. With the PVE behind me I started lvl’ing characters, and by mid TBC I had filled up my character sheet with lvl 70s, but I still wanted to level more.. that’s when I got my second account.

This led me to do some research on dualboxing. At that time it was a very primitive for one boxing and its from that time all the myths of boxers emerged. Kill the head and the rest will just stand there, you only hit 1 key. After a couple more years of dualboxing I started looking into getting yet another account. So, in early Cataclysm I upgraded my account with a 3rd WoW account. This led me to start doing 3v3 arenas (which at that time was pretty easy as a multiboxer). After that my team just started growing, 3v3s led to 5v5 and that led to soloing 10man BGs. And in MOP when Wpvp was growing at the rate it was, I kept adding accounts – 15.. 20.. 21.. and 24 which is the amount I’m running today.

People keep asking me why I ended up with a 24box team and not a 25man team – there’s a simple answer to that: the 25th account will be on a 4th account, since there is a maximum of 8 wow accounts per this means I would need to start all over again.. so no, I have done that 3 times all ready x)

Interview: Pinkskull – One Of WoW’s Most Famous Multiboxers 2

Q: Do you get quite a lot of attention? I.e whisper spam, and so on? How do you deal with it all?

A: I get a lot of attention, god and bad. A lot of people /w to let me know that they have seen me on Facebook, YouTube, reddit or MMO-Champion and that they think what I’m doing is cool 🙂 Then you have the other crowd that have a desperate need to tell me how stupid I am 😉 Most of the negative feedback I get is because they lack the knowledge of what multiboxing really is. No, it’s not a hack.. no, it’s not illegal.. and no, it’s not easy. There is only one way to deal with a troll, and that to just ignore it. But if I see people repeatedly harassing me, I will report them since that’s a violation of the terms of use. But then again “haters make me famous” so keep it coming 😉

Q: How do you offset the costs of dealing with so many accounts and PCs?

A: This must be the most frequently asked question “how can you afford all this”.. I understand that from other people’s view it might be a huge amount of money that I’m throwing into this but there is one important thing people don’t think about, and that’s the huge difference in the world’s economy. The monthly cost of a 24 account may be the same as 1, 2 or even 3 months pay in some countries. Another thing people don’t think about is that I’m not a teenager struggling to survive day by day, I am a grown man with a good education and a good paying job. And I know for a fact that a good paying Norwegian job can monthly pay the equivalent of a years pay in other European countries. Without saying what I make, I can say that i don’t even think about the sub payments, it is automatic on 3 month and 6 month subs and i don’t even notice when blizzard withdraw the money. The same goes for the cost of my computers – I don’t really need to plan and think about it over night when I decide to buy a new computer.

Interview: Pinkskull – One Of WoW’s Most Famous Multiboxers 3

Q: What are some of your funniest or greatest achievements whilst controlling your multibox army?

A: This was a hard question. Just being able to kill a HC5man boss can be a huge achievement for a multiboxer. People may say: “but 5man bosses are so easy” .. and they are absolutely right, a 5man boss is easy to kill if you have some one helping you, with one guy playing the tank, one guy playing the healer, and 2 random people doing DPS. But when you are the one playing the tank, the healer and the DPS at the same time, it will become so much harder and the achievement is so much sweeter.

When i started dualboxing in TBC I gotta say that my first win in a 2v2 was the greatest (personal) achievement 🙂 And in Cataclysm, the personal achievements came fast, the feeling when I managed to solo my first 5v5, and not to mention doing a solo battleground – that’s an achievement you will not understand until you have tried doing what I do and realise how hard multiboxing actually is. When MOP came out I started having success in RBG. I became the smallest multiboxer in the world to take down the world boss Galleon. I T=took out my first 40man alliance raid.. there are so many “achievements”. It’s why I do what I do. Have 24 of your friends help you kill a boss and get a achievement, ok, try to kill that boss by yourself, I would say that’s a bigger achievement.

Interview: Pinkskull – One Of WoW’s Most Famous Multiboxers 4

Q: What would be your advice for people who are thinking about multiboxing but aren’t 100%?

A: One thing people don’t realise is how hard multiboxing actually is. You see a video on YouTube of a multiboxer and think “damn that looks easy, I wanna do that”. Winning the Olympics looks easy.. it looks easy because the people doing it are good at it. I have seen high ranked players, Brawlers, and HC players fail horribly at multiboxing – that’s because it a play style very different from what people are used to. That high ranked player might only be high ranked because of his good healer. That Brawler might just be a good brawler because he doesn’t have to watch other toons other than his own, and that HC player… they always need people to help them and they all know it :p 😉 I would recommend creating a few trial accounts, and try multiboxing before you commit to buying 2-3-4 new accounts. I have had people rage at me because multiboxing wasn’t at all as easy as they thought. “I did not become instant arena master you idiot”.. yeah, if you suck as a wow gamer, multiboxing will not unsuck you ;).

Q: Haha excellent! Thank you again for your time, do you have anything else you want to say to the internet?

A: It was my pleasure, I try to give the fans what they want, and answer the questions I get 🙂 Yeah, I would like to say that, if you have any multiboxing related questions you can contact me on Trying to contact me ingame is not easy 😉 if I get spammed I just turn off my chat, and your question will never be seen.

Aether has been playing World of Warcraft since 2006. In his youth he raided 7 days a week, but now just plays with friends doing Mythic dungeons and Arena. He swaps his main more often than he should.
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