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Predicting the weather is far from easy. This usually requires large means and a very high computing power. Field data can also be used.

Weather applications are very common. Most of them do a good job using public data. Unfortunately, sometimes the forecasts are wrong. These are after all just forecasts. Better always take an umbrella if you see a time threatening enough to stick to the only forecasts …

IBM wants much more accurate weather forecasts

IBM thinks it can do better in terms of forecasts using smartphones. The giant recently announced a new project, the IBM Global High-Resolution Atmospheric Forecasting System. This is a new commercial weather system that, according to IBM, will be updated hourly and will provide an improvement of about 200% in its forecasts.

This will be made possible by supercomputers equipped with IBM POWER9 and data retrieved directly from millions of sensors around the world, including those of our smartphones, if we have agreed to do this, of course.

His system will be able to use the data of our smartphones

According to Cameron Clayton, general manager of Watson Media and Weather at IBM, ” the weather influences what people do in their day and it’s probably the most important external factor for business performance. When extreme conditions become more regular, our new system will ensure that every person and every society in the world has access to the most accurate and probable forecasts. 

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