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Like every year, Huawei has diversified its P20 range into two models. Today, we are interested in the Huawei P20 Pro, a high-end smartphone with a large screen and a camera that aims to be the best on the market.

Nice smartphone, but not unique

It is beautiful, but not unique; it is simply like all the others. You will therefore find a front panel with a 19/9 screen that covers it completely. Of course, because it’s a smartphone for 2018, it has a notch at the top, and it is quite imposing in height. Where this Huawei P20 Pro stands out from its competitors is that it features a fingerprint reader on the front. It’s a great idea the brand had, even if it makes the smartphone a little bigger than it could have been.

On the metal edges, you will find the volume and power buttons as well as two loudspeaker grids at the bottom.

Huawei does not use the port jack as many manufacturers do. It is a pity not to have the possibility to use a wired headset.

Finally, on the back, a blue glass plate covers the smartphone with three sensors for photography. It looks like it’s like every other smartphone on the market, which is a shame, because Huawei has already been able to offer us better than that.

Top for performance

As you might expect, this Huawei P20 Pro is equipped with a Kirin chip. More precisely, it is the Kirin 970 that is present, and it is coupled with 6 GB of RAM. For the graphics, we are dealing with a Mali G72-MP12 chip.

The benchmarks are excellent, even if the Snapdragon 845 does better. In use, it is challenging to fault it, but the interface can sometimes be a little slow.

In play, nothing to complain about. The processor is well optimised and will run everything that exists on the Play Store right now and for a few more years.

Fantastic screen

For once, Huawei has abandoned its traditional LCD to switch to OLED on the Huawei P20 Pro. The resolution is 2240 x 1080 pixels, which gives a pixel density of 401 PPP on a 6.1 inch screen. At this level, it’s perfect.

Regarding colours, we find colours that are a little more flashy than usual in Huawei’s work and that draw a little towards blue. But it’s very light and to be honest, this phone has one of the most beautiful screens on the market.

Best for photography

Everything is summarized in the title of this chapter. The Huawei P20 Pro is honestly impressive for pictures and offers the best on the market. The triple sensor allows you to take both colour and beautiful black and white photos with fantastic precission.

The details are good, the colors and brightness respected, and even in the dark, it manages to do quite well, even for a smartphone. In other words, if you’re looking for a smartphone primarily for photography, go for this model.

Uninspiring interface

The interface is no longer impressive. Some rather embarrassing and incomprehensible bugs have not yet disappeared, for example, an error in the alphabetical classification of applications.

Moreover, regarding design, it has not really evolved which is annoying because the others, like Samsung, are in the lead and increasing to offer a more pleasant user experience than Huawei. It ruins a smartphone that borders on perfection, so it’s a real shame.

Battery life is impressive. It far surpasses all other smartphones this year, even the OnePlus 6 or the Galaxy Note 9, which are very good.

Finally, as far as the network is concerned, it’s quite good and the same goes for GPS, which is found very quickly. It is also compatible with all our frequency bands, even the B28!


Even though the design and interface is nothing new, it’s still an incredible phone that excels in many areas.

This phone is perfect for someone who is interested in photography, and wants to be at the cutting edge of phone technological advancement.

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