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This useful guide teaches how to write a rap song. You will learn the most important and effective phases of writing a rap song. It tells you how to choose the theme and beat, get inspiration, organize the working process and similar measures.

These recommendations are effective and help to create real masterpieces.

How to write a rap song

Everything in the world sounds, and people are no exception. The world makes all kinds of noises and sings its own songs. Our mouth is also able to produce a great variety of different sounds. We have a voice and can sing. Thus, many talented people write different kinds of songs. They sing to enjoy themselves and entertain others. We cannot do without music and listen to different genres. One of the most popular ones is rap. In the meanwhile, it may be quite hard to compose a rap song. Writemypaper4me has a few useful prompts to help you write a rap song . Read on to learn vital facts about rap song writing.

Have a theme

It’s much easier to create a rap song if you have a basic theme. A selection of a theme may be compared to a topic selection in essay projects. Once you pick it, you already know where you stand and how to develop your creation.

What to choose? It’s a good question and you should know the answer. Commonly, rappers sing about some current events or the ones, which took place in the past. In other words, they describe the life like it is in their musical creations. Here are a few themes to use:

  • Friendship;
  • Love;
  • Justice;
  • Brutality;
  • Dishonesty;
  • Betrayal;
  • Peace, etc.

As you can see, these are quite common things. They take place every day in every part of the globe. Decide what is currently relevant and close to your heart to write about it.

Learn rap structure

The next step is to know the structure of a rap song. It’s an important step, which is similar to academic papers’ structure. In the meanwhile, there is no clear division as in a writing project. Each song and genre may have different structural points. Rap is no exception and you are free to choose whatever you like.

Many musicians go to colleges to learn such things. If you don’t want or have no possibility to attend special institutions, educate yourself. Gain experience and enlarge your knowledge. Listen to different pieces of this genre and try to write different versions of your own.

Get a beat

Another important thing is the beat. It’s your rhythm and it gives the tempo. Your rap song may be very fast or pretty slow. It’s up to you to decide. Nevertheless, your future lyrics are strongly dependent on the beat you choose. It determines how quickly the words must sound and how long the verses will be.

Bring materials

Before you begin to write a rap song, you should take care of the materials. You will surely need some stuff to keep your notes and recordings in order. Take the following items:

  • Pen;
  • Paper;
  • Laptop;
  • Rhyming dictionary;

Besides, you may take a friend or two. A company can positively affect you. Your friends may possibly give a good piece of advice or just inspire you.

Create a hook

As you choose a topic, you are supposed to have a plain idea of what exactly to describe. Not all can easily manage this task. Besides, you have to create a hook. It serves to get the attraction of your listeners. It can be present in any part of your rap song. Ideally, it should appear in the intro, verses, and chorus. In other words, place it in the main parts of your creation.

The hook engages other people. It sets a tone and delivers a clear message. If you don’t know where to start, begin the chorus. This is the main part of any musical creation, which includes lyrics. Write some meaningful concept. Afterward, repeat it in the verses. However, the chorus’ concept isn’t supposed to be repeated word by word. Use other phrases and definitions to logically lead your listeners to the heart of your piece.

To compose a great hook and lyrics, brainstorm everything. Consider your major idea and note all the things that occur to your mind. Refine the list and decide what ideas will serve you well.

Be personal

It’s important to be personal. Every musical genre has its peculiarities and main guidelines. Try to follow them but simultaneously, add something personal. Remember that you describe a story based on your own point of view.

Listen for inspiration

At times, musicians and singers lack ideas. If it’s your issue, undertake one simple measure. Listen to music to get inspiration. Undoubtedly, you should listen to the rap genre. In case you also like other genres, you are welcome to enjoy them. Perhaps, they’ll give some food to chew on or simply improve your mood.

Be disciplined

You should stay organized to succeed. Create a plain schedule and stick to it. Set strict deadlines and never violate them to complete your masterpiece on time. Keep in order for your notes, have materials at hand, organize the working space, etc.


After you get through with your rap lyrics, revise them. It’s important to edit and improve them. There will be surely some mistakes. Fix them and watch the length and rhythm. Perhaps, you should improve the text somehow.

Practice and memorize

The last phase is to memorize the text. It’s easy to say but not to do if you deal with rap. There are too many words and the tempo is high. 

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