How To Equip Silencer In Watch Dogs: Legion 1
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Watch Dogs: Legion

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Sometimes having being sneaky and taking the stealth approach can be much easier and safer than going in all guns blazing. Luckily, in Watch Dogs: Legion, you are able to get your hands on silencers and suppressors for your rifles and pistols. By using these nifty pieces of equipment, you will be able to drop enemies without raising any suspicion. If you’d like to learn how to equip a silencer to your weapons, please read on.

How To Equip Silencer In Watch Dogs: Legion

Making your weapon supressed, by adding a silencer to it, can completely change how you play Watch Dogs: Legion. As a guy who grew up playing Tenchu and Splinter Cell, I love having the option for taking the stealth approach. Annoyingly though, you can’t just find and attach a silencer to your weapon, you have to upgrade the weapon to enable any suppression features.

At the time of writing, only one weapon can have a silencer attached to it. This weapon is the LTL 68P DedSec Pistol. When you first get this pistol, it will be a ‘basic’ sidearm. Upgrading to tier 2 increases it’s magazine capacity so that it can hold 15 rounds. The final tier, tier 3, then adds the silencer to it.

We’re unsure why the developers of Watch Dogs: Legion opted for such a small amount of suppression in the game, but at a guess, I suppose it would be too overpowered to have so many stealth options.

The benefits of using a silenced firearm should be fairly obvious, but if it isn’t we’ll fill you in. Dropping enemies in a firefight will undoubtedly alert nearby enemy reinforcements, thus creating a more dangerous situation for you. Using a silenced pistol allows you to run through the game at a difference pace, and will let you experience different aspects of the game that you would miss if you never opted to use it.

As soon as the pistol is upgraded, you’re able to keep using it on missions without the added fear of alerting more enemies. Whether you just like to play in a more stealthy way, or you don’t feel confident taking on lots of enemy units, the choice is up to you.

Hopefully this guide has helped you in your quest to be the stealthy assassin you always wished to be.

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