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Horror games have typically always followed the multiple ending approach. It encourages you to replay the game, unlock additional content, and make you feel like your choices matter. Frictional Games have stayed true to this format ever since their first release. Horror titles aren’t know for being overly long, if you exclude having to take IRL breaks due to a prolonged elevated heart rate. How many endings does Amnesia: Rebirth have? Read out guide below to find out more.

How Many Endings?

Amnesia: Rebirth has three endings, which are categorized as Good, Neutral, and Bad. While the ending is typically unlocked when you finish the game, certain actions during your playthrough will dictate which you receive. It’s actually possible to view all three endings within a single playthrough, but we would advise against it, as it sort of defeats the object of what the game is trying to do.

However, if you are short on time, or just don’t fancy playing through the game three times in a row, then just load a previous save after you have witnessed the end cutscene, and follow the below guides to watch the other two.

Child in cot found when finding out how many endings there are in Amnesia: Rebirth

Bad Ending

We’ll start with the easiest, and end with the hardest. It shouldn’t be a surprise that the bad ending is the easiest to unlock.

Towards the end, walk up to the child, pick them up from the cot, then put them back down. Now go back into the main area, which will make the Empress convert you into a Scavenger. The cutscene will start with her controlling the child.

You’ll also get this ending if you fail any of the objectives for the other endings by default.

Good Ending

Unlocking the good ending starts off by taking the child out of the cot, but don’t put it back this time. Head towards the exit and pick up the vitae along the way, as you will need it for the doors. When you enter the main area with the Empress, she will blast you.

Now it’s a matter of being sneaky. You will need to get around the Empress without her seeing you. She will blast you if she spots you.

Move towards the door you entered through and use the vitae you picked up earlier on the portal. Press the button and the good ending cutscene will start.

Neutral Ending

The Neutral Ending is quite often referred to as the secret ending, as it isn’t obvious what needs to be done to unlock it.

You first want to start off by following the first steps for the good ending, which means picking the child and vitae up, and entering the main area again.

Now, instead of navigating to the portal, you will want to go to one of the tunnels which are around the perimeter of the room. Use your vitae on the door lock and enter the newly opened room.

You will now have to enter your inventory screen and refill the fluid in your injector, that you used previously. It’s the fluid that was used to explode the pods in The Factory. Inject this fluid into the controls.

Exit the room, and repeat this task with the other tunnels which are adjacent to the main room. After completing this action three times, the red flesh will entomb the whole Tower, killing the Empress, you, and the child. The cutscene will now unlock.

A pretty bleak ending, to say the least.

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