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When it comes to action cameras there is no doubt the GoPro leads the way. The GoPro Hero4 Silver edition is the best in the lineup and is packed with features like shooting 4K movies and using Bluetooth for quick and easy access to all your files.

The new GoPro hero4 silver is a photographer’s dream. If you are into taking amazing point of view pictures and videos, this camera for you.

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4K video

One of the best features of this new camera is the ability to take 4K videos. 4K videos are shot at 15 frames per second and are double the HD quality of your standard high-definition TV. Although 4K videos are shot in 15 frames per second rather than the usual 30 frames per second it still makes for an amazing shot . 4K video is the future of what we watch. When it comes to GoPro products, this is a sign that the company is staying ahead of the curve.


bluetooth logoThe next feature worth talking about is the Bluetooth capabilities. Using this camera you can easily access all your documents via Bluetooth. This makes getting your video to the editing floor easy and efficient. Bluetooth is not a new thing when it comes to the GoPro however, the GoPro hero4 silver has more advanced Bluetooth capabilities than its predecessor.

With these Bluetooth capabilities you can now easily use the GoPro app as a control for your camera. You can also view and all your video and pictures using the app.

LED touch screen capabilities

One of the best things about the GoPro Hero4 Silver is the LED touchscreen . This screen allows you to easily navigate your pictures, videos and options for them with ease. It seems like the touchscreen is the biggest game changer for most consumers . The user-friendly interface allows even the novice user great control over what their videos and pictures look like.

Night lapse mode

The night lapse mode on this new camera makes it easier to take videos and pictures in low light and dark settings . This new feature is exclusive to this camera and help sets it apart from others like to GoPro Hero 3. You can shoot time lapse photography even at night making for more user perspective videos that will blow your mind .

What will it cost you?

Because GoPro prices don’t fluctuate much from seller to seller finding a really good deal could be difficult if you’re looking to buy new. If you ever see this gadget on sale, you should definitely snap it up quick.

With the starter bundle from Amazon you get clips and other attachments to give you more flexibility when shooting pictures and video.

The cons

Of course like with all good things is a downside. This GoPro still has a battery life that is under two hours which makes shooting long videos impossible . It also requires an ultra-high-speed memory card for shooting 4K videos . These ultra fast cards can tend to be more money and the space is limited .

This new camera is still not yet waterproof without a separate housing, not that big of a deal but still is an added cost if you’re buying a whole new set up.

The battery design on this new camera is different from the old one so if you have an old GoPro, sorry, you’re out of luck.

The bottom line

Regardless of its cost, it still took CNET’s editor’s choice award and is one of best action high definition camera out there today . It is easy-to-use, fast and has capabilities that most just can’t match . If you’re in the market for a new GoPro camera, you can’t go wrong with the GoPro Hero4 Silver.

Hopefully this review helped you to make an informed decision when it comes to making your purchase. If you have any feedback about this camera please leave your comments below.

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