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Glimr, a cute little purple Murloc from the Glimmerfin Tribe, has just been stealth added to World of Warcraft. It is linked to the recent addition of a purple murloc Funko which was added to the Blizzard store recently.

Unlocking Glimr is fairly straight forward, and involves you starting and following a quest chain located in Grizzly Hills (Northrend).

To obtain Glimr, follow the steps outlined below.

How to get Glimr The Murloc

To begin this short questline, head over to 18.4 88.2 in Grizzly Hills and look for the iceberg south of Venture Bay.

Alternatively, paste the following script into the WoW client chat box for it to automatically place a waypoint where the quest begins:

/run C_Map.SetUserWaypoint({uiMapID=116,position={x=0.184 ,y=0.882}})

When you get near the murloc, it will run away, and will drop a scale the starts the first quest. The quest involves delivering the scale to King Mrgl-Mrgl in Borean Tundra, by Winterfin Retreat.

Glimr Murloc Pet Glimmerfin Tribe Unlock Guide 2

King Mgrl-Mgrl, realizing that the scale’s owner is from a murloc tribe which he has never seen in Northrend, sends you off to welcome them by preparing a feast of crab meat. These crabs are located adjacent to where the initial scale was picked up, south of Venture Bay, under the water. Once complete, deliver the crab meat to Glimmergut, who is the leader of the Glimmer murloc tribe. Glimmergut is found underwater, inside a sunken boat.

Glimr Murloc Pet Glimmerfin Tribe Unlock Guide 3

Although not neccessary with how long characters can hold their breath these days, but King Mgrl-Mgrl will have given you some Elixir’s of Water Breathing before sending you off, which will help when farming these crabs. Also, having a water-mount is especially useful, but not necessary.

Unsurprisingly, Glimmergut is very happy with the offering of crab meat, but requests that you collect some seal blubber and blubberfat from Horker, who is nearby on an iceberg.

Glimr Murloc Pet Glimmerfin Tribe Unlock Guide 4

Now we are asked to deliver the blubber to a nearby Glimmerfin Oracle, who wishes us to bring him a Giant Pearl. Said Giant Pearl is a little way out into the water and guarded by an elite snake. It isn’t necessary to kill the snake though, and is easily avoided.

Glimr Murloc Pet Glimmerfin Tribe Unlock Guide 5

Once you have obtained the Giant Pearl, you will now have to face Grrglin in a pet battle. This pet battle is trivial for someone who has level 25 pets. If you don’t, we recommend you level some up before continuing.

Trainer Grrglin is sat on top of an iceberg, so is easily located.

Glimr Murloc Pet Glimmerfin Tribe Unlock Guide 6

With Grrglin defeated in battle, you will return to the Oracle, who shows off that he has a murloc egg with him. The Oracle hints towards their presence being due to a special occasion for the tribe, asking you once again to help out the cause by gathering some special seaweed. The seaweed that is needed is found near electrified algae, adjacent to a sunken boat.

Glimr Murloc Pet Glimmerfin Tribe Unlock Guide 7

The last leg of this journey sees you killing the Great Mua’kin, to show your strength. Once defeated, you will be given Glimr’s Cracked Egg as a reward, unlocking the pet for you to use.

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