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Ecovacs ensures that its Deebot Slim2 robot vacuum cleaner can move under furniture and clean particularly difficult to access areas. The initiative is commendable, but at what cost?


  • Filling capacity – 0.3 L
  • Covered area – 150 m2
  • Battery type – Li-ion
  • Noise level – 56 dB
  • Programmable – yes
  • Suction on carpets and long pile carpets – no


The Ecovacs Deebot Slim2 is one of the entry-level models for hard floors. Sold for less than 200, this robot vacuum cleaner stands out from the competition by its incredible thickness of 5.7 cm. This thickness is supposed to allow it to easily pass under all the furniture to clean hard-to-reach areas. With no camera and no laser rangefinder, the Deebot Slim2 is a blind vacuum cleaner that prefers to go over the same areas several times – and make sure that the most persistent dust has been removed – rather than ensuring orderly navigation.

Ease of use

While most Ecovacs robot vacuums have a classic round shape, the Deebot Slim2 prefers to emancipate itself from this traditional design and chooses a square shape with rounded corners. But where this device makes all the difference is in its thickness, reduced to 5.7 cm, which allows it to easily fit under all furniture, even the lowest. So indeed, the promise of this device “which moves under almost all furniture” is being fulfilled. On the other hand, the second part of the commitment, which concerns the “cleaning of particularly difficult to access areas”, is flouted, but we will come back to this later.

On the top of the robot is the Auto button, this starts the robot or pauses it. There are not too many leads either. Ecovacs provides a remote control that allows a few actions. There are three directional buttons, the Play/Pause button, the Home button and those allowing different cleaning modes (automatic or targeted).

Designed for hard floors, the Slim2 can accommodate an absorbent wipe, which is designed to remove persistent dust. Unlike the Xiaomi Roborock S50, there is no dedicated water tank here. The user must necessarily moisten the wipe and clean it when necessary.

Connectivity and application

This robot vacuum cleaner connects to the home’s Wi-Fi network and is controlled from the Ecovacs application. The configuration steps are well explained in the application and the operation, if properly followed, should not take more than 10 minutes. However, note that the Deebot Slim2 is incompatible with 5 GHz Wi-Fi networks.

Once the robot is connected – and when it does not disconnect, which is fortunately very rare – the user can control it remotely. On the app’s home page, you will find the different suction modes, the directional keys to orient your device, the Home key (for a return to the base).

By going to the parameters, at the top right, it is possible to program cleaning scenarios for the week, but also to access the cleaning history. In this respect, understand that it is only possible to see the duration of the cleaning and not the areas covered; blind robot obliges!

Interesting feature, you can access the life cycle monitoring of accessories, filters and side brushes to anticipate replacement.


The collector – installed under the hood – can be emptied without any problems. It can be removed using the small handle. The collector’s mouth is preceded by a filter that is easily dislodged. Behind this filter is another grid filter to retain lint and thick dust. By pulling this part, the user will finally be able to empty the collector. And moreover, since we are talking about him, his very limited capacity of 0.3 forces him to empty it very regularly.

There is no roller or central brush here, just two side brushes to bring the dust back into the suction mouth. These can be easily removed for cleaning.

Navigation system

As a good blind robot, the Deebot Slim2 is happy to cover the same areas several times, even if it means running out of battery. It goes through the room as it sees fit and until its exhausted. In a completely random way, it took it 50 minutes to clean one room. The robot has proven to be completely unable to return to recharging itself autonomously. To our greatest surprise, this robot vacuum cleaner never managed to reach its charging base.

Obstacle management is also affected by the absence of a range finder or camera. Thus, it comes up against almost everything it encounters, but even more so against the legs of rather thin chairs or tables. Small but strong, it is even able to push certain obstacles – our coffee table still remembers it – without damaging them.

But the most striking thing is that this Deebot has the defects of his qualities. Indeed, because of its extreme finesse, it can be used under certain furniture. It has ventured into some parts of the lab where other robots have never been before him. On the other hand, it has happened several times that it gets stuck under some very low furniture and then waits for assistance from us. And it is often in the same places that he tends to get stuck and ask for help over and over again.


Suction performance is mixed. On thick carpet, this Deebot Slim2 wallows completely. In 9 minutes, after which we stopped cleaning, it collected only 20% of the waste from our test protocol. This is a very poor result and reflects the inefficiency and inability of the robot to cover this surface.

It’s better on thin carpet, with a result of 96% of the materials recovered after 9 min (again, the deadline imposed). On hard ground, this Deebot Slim2 does not demerit since it has collected 87% of the dust left on the ground.

These raw results are therefore not so catastrophic, provided however that the Deebot has time to do his job. And anyway, since he has been unable to return to his base, he will continue to aspirate until you stop his task and put him back manually


The Slim2 is incredibly quiet and only emits 56 dB (A) when it sucks in. It now equals the Samsung Navibot Corner Clean. The noise level is therefore moderate, which is a very good thing since we would prefer to launch our Deebot Slim2 under supervision as it requires assistance.


The Deebot Slim2 holds up pretty well since it ran out of battery after 1h40; a great performance. However, it takes about 4 hours to recharge fully.


  • Very thin robot vacuum cleaner.
  • Practical functions in the application.
  • Silent.
  • Autonomous.


  • Blind robot.
  • Random trajectory.
  • Regular disconnection of the robot from the network.
  • Requires regular assistance (blockages, refusal to return to base).
  • No central brush.


The finesse and autonomy of the Deebot Slim2 are two arguments that are so crucial for many users. Unfortunately, it gets lost in rooms, runs out of battery on surfaces already sucked in and had a hard time returning to its charging base independently. Because its management of obstacles is sometimes painful, it requires some assistance from its user and in this sense, it is more likely to be a crumb collector than a robot vacuum cleaner.

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