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Crossplay in games is becoming increasingly more common, and is one of the most requested features for online games. We’ll keeo you in the loop on whether Path of Exile has crossplay added to it.

Does Path of Exile have crossplay capabilities? Are you able to play Path of Exile with your family on friends who are using different systems? These questions, and more, will be answered below.

Does Path of Exile have Crossplay?

At the time of writing, Path of Exile does not have crossplay. PC and console players are unable to play together, or even communicate. The main limitation we feel the cause for no crossplay is that communication in both games are quite a lot different. Sure, PoE isn’t a game where lots, or any, communication is needed, but it does have it’s own issues.

Having said this, the idea is on the developers radar. It’s unlikely we’ll see update any time soon, but it’s certainly not 100% out of the question.

In 2018 Chris Wilson, who is a developer on Path of Exile, made the following statement:

“We want to focus on our design and implementation based on the system that people are playing on. We also don’t want to create any type of advantage or disadvantage because the game will play vastly different depending on your choice of system.”

As Path of Exile’s successor will be released soon (ish), we’re wondering whether a crossplay feature would be implemented in that game instead. As PoE 2 is essentially a continuation of the original game anyway.

One thing to note though, is that if you’re asking the question because you want to play on a PC and Mac, you’re in luck. Due to the same servers, and the use of cloud saves, you can swap between PC and Mac without any issues whatsoever.

If Final Fantasy XIV and Rocket League can make crossplay work, I don’t see how Path of Exile should be any different. The main reason might be to do with the console companies themselves, as I believe they aren’t too happy with enabling crossplay features for games. Or, it could be they require additional money from the developers for whatever reason.

We’ll keep you all updated with the latest in reference to crossplay in PoE, and hopefully in the next year or two you’ll be able to play with your cross-platform friends.

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