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This Dead in Bermuda guide will focus more on advanced mechanics and end-game, rather than the basics. Although there are no in-game cheats, following these tips will allow you to cruise through the game with ease.

Starting mechanics

When you start your first day, the tutorial guides you to the construction of the campfire and rest area. The tutorial ends at the end of day 2 and we will assume that we are there and that you have:

  • A plane
  • A workshop
  • A library
  • A campfire
  • A rest area
  • A jungle
  • A chest
  • A water tank

These elements are the basis of your camp and apart from the plane, they will all be accessible until late in the game because their exploitation is either infinite or very long. The survival of your group can depend on all the choices made in these first days. First of all, let’s recall the basics very quickly.


States are the health bars of your characters. If one of them reaches 100%, the character dies. There are 5 different ones:

  • Hunger
  • Disease
  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Injury

Each of these states acts on certain skills in a negative way. At 0%, there is no negative impact on the skills affected. At 10%, there is a small one, then at 50% or more there is an even bigger one. Being tired, sick, depressed or otherwise reduces the effectiveness of the character


Your water supply is in the tank. Each character consumes one water ration per night. You can fall to zero water ration at the end of the night but never fall into negative under penalty of seeing a “Game Over”. To increase the amount of water remaining, it is necessary to eat fruit. This action is not a character action and does not consume turns for any of them.

In short:

  • -1 ration per living character per night
  • +2 to 5 rations per fruit consumed


Campfires are vital at night. It reduces the fatigue and depression that characters experience each night.

This is how its maintenance works:

  • 20% to -30% per night
  • +10% to 20% per unit of wood consumed

Advanced mechanics

Dead in Bermuda Guide

Let us now turn to advanced mechanics. Among these are primarily research and construction.

Research and Construction

These two points are linked and necessary in the long term. Firstly, people with a good level of knowledge will be more effective in research. Illyana is one of the characters that allows a faster progress of research. Concerning construction, it is the skill of craftsmanship that counts and which makes Bob a good choice.

Research will allow you to discover the following plans and in this order:

  • Harvesting tool
  • Fruit basket
  • Fishing rod
  • Hunting bow
  • Cauldron
  • Meat dryer
  • Sickbay
  • Medication
  • Bandage

To build them all will require a certain amount of material that can be gradually collected either through the harvesting tool or through exploration.

Skills and Levels

There are 16 skills divided into 4 groups:

  • Physical: reduced effectiveness due to injuries and fatigue
  • Utility: efficiency reduced by hunger and fatigue
  • Mental: reduced effectiveness due to depression and fatigue
  • Food: reduced effectiveness due to illness and fatigue

Some skills progress on their own when the right actions are done. It is therefore advisable not to invest skill points following a character’s rise in level in the following ones:

  • Strength
  • Constitution
  • Fishing
  • Cooking
  • Hunting
  • Exploration
  • Stealthiness
  • Discussion
  • Medicine

Healing yourself

There are three different ways to treat yourself.

The first is the simplest and least risky: the use of objects made to reduce illness or injury or even sometimes all states.

The second is the infirmary. It occupies an activity for each assigned character but is more effective and requires a doctor whose medical skill will act within the recovered percentage range. The higher the competence, the better. Another negative point of this method is that it always requires an object and cannot treat illness and injury at the same time on the same person. The required items are medicines for illness and bandages for injuries.

The third and final method is a source that you will find during exploration. Drinking at the source can decrease or increase a person’s condition, so it is risky. However, it is possible to recover medicinal vials if you have empty bottles. The latter can then reduce the illness of the person who consumes it.

Surviving the first 14 days

Dead in Bermuda Guide

The first 14 days are an introduction to the difficulty of the game. Your group arrives on the island and has few objects and activities to do so you have few options and these are expensive but mandatory.

First, to survive for a long time, you will need to bring a food source to your group. Harvesting on the aircraft is the first source, but it is particularly discouraged to rely solely on it. Indeed, on the one hand, the food you get from it is perishable (some degrades into another of poorer quality or not usable each night) and on the other hand the amount of food extracted is random and not infinite. The aircraft can only be “harvested” 10 times, which corresponds to 5 days of harvest. It is advisable to collect materials only once a day as this allows the food you find to remain of the best possible quality and will free the character for another activity such as resting or harvesting other resources.

My second advice will be to always assign at least one person to the search each turn until the cauldron is discovered. It really should not be neglected because it unlocks all the tools for survival. The most useful at the beginning of the game are:

  • Harvesting tool (Material recovery)
  • Fruit basket (Water source and first food source in the camp)
  • Fishing rod
  • Cauldron

Exploration is not absolutely vital at the beginning of the game. Above all, it helps to collect the materials needed to feed the fire and build the new tools before the arrival of the harvesting tool. Assigning 2 people to it and a third to rest is enough for these first days and has the advantage of not exhausting everyone at the same time.

Finally, make sure you provide enough fire and water for your campfire and don’t waste your fruit on food if the bars are not at least yellow.

Surviving for 50 days

Dead in Bermuda Guide, Tips & Cheats - Survive 50+ Days! 2

This phase is the most difficult in my opinion. On the one hand, you have to manage the lack of food and on the other hand you have the construction of tools, depression of the limbs, fatigue etc., so many parameters that it is hard to make a clear and concise plan of what happens before the rest.

Here are some points and tips that should help you get through this:

  • Managing an orange colour bar or higher has priority over everything else even if it blocks two characters
  • Depression does not decrease if the character is alone but decreases more if several people are present
  • The wound bar does not progress alone, unlike the disease that feeds itself
  • Collect vital materials (wood and fruit) in Round 1 of each day.
  • Research is important but less important than immediate survival due to lack of water or wood
  • The other materials must be harvested gradually in tower 2. Plants cure diseases
  • There is no way to treat injuries other than using items until you have the infirmary and bandages
  • Exploration is no longer mandatory every turn but very useful, leave at least one character there every 2 or 3 days. Useful areas can be discovered (fruit trees, fish, springs, etc.)
  • Use your recovered items. This increases the number of consecutive turns where a character can work for survival
  • Don’t put two people who hate each other to work together
  • The hunting bow is a waste of time because it hurts the user, keeping your characters so that they get hurt while exploring will be more profitable
  • Build the fishing rod and cauldron as quickly as possible

Don’t worry if your characters sometimes goes into the red hungry. This happens but it is possible to lower this bar to orange during the following turns.

If you can follow these points, it should be possible to keep your group going until construction. The game being based largely on randomness in the harvests, if you have no luck, in 2 turns your group can die because you have not been able to get water, wood or food.

Surviving for 50+ days and endgame

Dead in Bermuda Guide, Tips & Cheats - Survive 50+ Days! 3

If you spend day 50 with your whole group and you have the 4 tools mentioned above, your survival is almost assured. You will be self-sufficient in food, wood and water. The only downside will be that your characters will be sick, probably in the yellow or orange levels. The harvesting tool then allows you to recover plants that will later be used to make medicines but which, in the immediate future, reduce the disease by 5% when they are consumed.

You will then have two options:

  • Aim for complete autonomy
  • Aim for the end of the story

The two should not be incompatible, but I have not yet succeeded in combining them together. In the first case, your group survival is guaranteed. You will have access to all the tools to quickly and effectively treat injuries and illness and to start stockpiling non-perishable food. It will no longer be necessary to provide for the group’s needs all the time or to collect food every day because you will have reserves. However, this method requires a balance of skills between characters that is not very favourable at the end of the story. Indeed, in this second case, you will have to face an enemy requiring certain very particular statistics in order not to die, physical skills are particularly useful. It is then advisable to mount them on all characters when upgrading. So you will have several people who can face the enemies in case of failure, but there will be losses.

Finally, I would like to suggest a way forward that I am currently trying:

  • Mount the statistics on a single character to face the boss
  • Make the rest of the group autonomous

The advantages are that the character will specifically have all his skills to 100 to be really very effective but the downside is that it takes a very long time. On day 135 currently, the character is level 12 and does not yet have everything maximum, knowing that some skills do not often rise using the looms.

Aether has been playing World of Warcraft since 2006. In his youth he raided 7 days a week, but now just plays with friends doing Mythic dungeons and Arena. He swaps his main more often than he should.
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