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As we have mentioned before, the Chinese market is one of the most important in the entertainment industry today. Many developers face major governmental and social challenges in order to launch their games on mobile devices. However, thanks to a Mintegral investigation, data related to player preferences are now more accessible.

According to this research, more than half of China’s consumers prefer free-to-play games with commercials, rather than premium or full titles.

85% spend money on these games, of which only 3% pay more than $ 50 per month. However, the average is lower, being $ 5.80 . Users between 26 and 30 years of age spend more, at approximately $10.

Similarly, commitment levels have been released also. 92% continue to play what they try for more than a week, of those, 87% play less than five titles a month. As for digital stores, Apple controls the majority, with 30%, followed very closely by Tencent with 29%, and Huawei trailing at the end with their app store, with just 26%.

This data may not seem very important to us, but companies are willing to give us different titles based on the way they are monetized. Erick Fang, CEO of Mintegral, talks about these changes and how commercials and advertising have become more user friendly.

“Mobile advertising is more than just monetization, since programmatic mobile ads have become the key method of user acquisition for any F2P game.

Interestingly, in the responses we collected, there was a clear preference for more interactive and attractive ad formats, such as rewarded videos, playable ads, and virtual reality and AR content.

For the first time, we were able to represent the voice of Chinese players to better understand their views and opinions when it comes to choosing and playing certain games, and in doing so we hope to have shown the nuances of this incredible market a little better for the western game publishers. ”

Via: Mintegral

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