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Welcome to our guide on the Shadowlands raid, Castle Nathria. This guide will continue to be updated as more information is released. Castle Nathria is occupied by the Revendreth leader Sire Denathrius who has corrupted the entire zone, and is the sole reason Anima is so low in Revendreth. Players must make their way through the castle, killing ten bosses in total.


Gargoyle guardian of the castle, Shriekwing uses smell and sound to find her prey.


  • Stone Claws – Shriekwing unleashes a series of claw attacks, knocking back all players in a 15 yard cone and inflicting 21585 Physical damage.
  • Exsanguinating Bite
  • Exsanguinated
  • Blood Spikes – Shriekwing calls upon the stones in Castle Nathria to erupt, inflicting 25 Physical damage to players within 3.5 yds.
  • Bloodgorge
  • Dark Sonar
  • Cower
  • Descend – If detected, Shriekwing descends on a target, inflicting 8634 Physical damage to all players within 12 yds upon impact.
  • Murder Prey – Shriekwing mauls her prey for 215851Physical damage.
  • Reverberating Shriek – Shriekwing unleashes a monstrous shriek that bounces off the chamber walls, inflicting 30219Physical damage and an additional 1727 Physical damage every 1 sec for 16 sec.
  • Reverberating Pain – The piercing sounds of Reverberating Shriek reverberate in the target’s head, inflicting 1727 Physical damage every 1 sec. for 16 sec.


During the fight Shriekwing will attack players with Exsanguinating Bite to gain blood. He will become Bloodgorge and hunt for players using Dark Sonar when he reaches 100 blood.

Tanks – Work with the other tank to manage Exsanguinated. Take care not to be spotted during Dark Sonar.

Damage – Take care not to be spotted during Dark Sonar.

Healers – Switch main heals when tanks manage Exsanguinated. Take care not to be spotted during Dark Sonar.

Hungering Destroyer



During the fight, Hungering Destroyer will switch casts between Consume and Desolate. Once he has consumed enough energy he will cast Raze.

Kael’thas Sunstrider



At the start of the fight Kael’thas Sunstrider will be weakened, relying on assistance from adds strengthen up.

Tanks – Focus Rockbound Vanquishers and Onyx Enforcers when Ministers of Vice are attacking. When Shade of Kael’thas is active, switch between tanks to mitigate the effects of Burning Remnants.

Damage – Group together to take minimal damage from Ember Blast. Using abilities to slow Soul Infuser. Move away from players targeted with Rapid Strikes.

Healers – Gather Infuser’s Orbs to increase healing. Unsure you heal Essence Font to interrupt healing on Kael’thas.

Artificer Xy’Mox



This will be updated once we have more information.

Lady Inerva Darkvein



At the start of the encounter, Inerva’s abilities won’t be as effetely, this will gradually increase as the Anima rises within the containers, to ensure a there is minimal effectiveness of her abilities, players must release Anima from these containers throughout the fight.

Tanks – Prepare to change up your responsibilities during Expose Desires as players effected by Shared Cognition will take damage when you’re hit by Expose Desires. Ensure you start Change of Heart away from the raid to minimise damage taken.

Damage – Get ready to take damage during Expose Desires if targeted by Shared Cognition. Release valves around the room to drop the Anima levels in the containers.

Healers – Prepare large heals to get through Shared Cognition. Expect AoE damage throughout the fight.

The Council of Blood

The three most deadly Venthyr have come together to create The Council of Blood.


Castellan Niklaus

Baroness Frieda

Lord Stavros

  • Evasive Lunge
  • Waltz of Blood
  • Infused with Anima –  When one council member is defeated, the remaining council members each gain an ability.
  • Dark Recital
  • Empowered with Anima –  When both other council members are defeated, the remaining council member gains a final ability.
  • Prance
  • Dancing Fools

When a council member is reduced to 50% health, each living council member retreats to the balcony. The master of the dance will call players to take their places, where they must then perform the Danse Macabre.
Failure to perform the courtly dance steps in the proper order results in a severe, shameful penalty.


During the fight, the raid will be faced with all three members of the Council of Blood. If any of the council members hit 50% it will trigger Danse Macabre. During this time all council members will leave the area, and players must stand in their assigned places. Raid members should not stray from their assigned positions too far during the encounter.

Tanks – During Baroness Frieda switch between tanks to manage stacks of Drain Essence. Ensure you position Lord Stavros correctly so that Evasive Lunge does not hit raid members.

Damage – Gather behind Castellan Niklaus when he casts Unyielding Guard. If you are targeted with Dark Recital, find your partner as soon as possible.

Healers – Tanks will take large amount of damage during Drain Essence. If you are targeted with Dark Recital, find your partner as soon as possible.


Born from the depths of Castle Nathria, Sludgefist can be heard roaming the castle way before players set eyes on him.



During the fight Sludgefist will becoming increasingly enraged, once he hits 100 rage he will begin to use Heedless Charge. All players must ensure they are stood away from any ways to that is does not trigger Structural Collapse.

Stoneborne Generals

Unfortunately nothing has been released for this encounter as of yet. We will update this when more information is available.

Sire Denathrius



There isn’t any information on the encounter as of yet.

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