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Before we answer the question “can you gift games on PS4/PSN?”, let’s quickly talk about why this is such a common question.

Digital assets are ever increasing in this day and age, meaning people are preferring to purchase digital versions of items, rather than physical. A good example of this are CDs and DVDs. Why have a mountain-stack of disks when you could just have a Netflix, Spotify, or iTunes account?

Gift cards have always been a thing though, but again, they are predominately physical. You may be able to redeem them online, but the act of getting a gift card is usually a physical process (unless you just buy a giftcard ‘code’, like you can for places like Amazon.

Can you gift games on PS4?

Short answer: No.

Long answer: Yes, sort of.

For some strange reason Sony has yet to enable the ability to gift a game via PSN. The most plausible motive is that it’s an attempt to reduce hacking/stolen credit card use, etc. Remember how PSN got hacked back in 2011? If accounts can’t gift games, then Sony won’t have to spend resources on managing hacking and phishing attempts which would likely be caused by having this feature.

Can you gift games on the PS4

However, Steam and Xbox Live have this feature and it’s great. Fancy treating one of your friends to a surprise game? Simply go to checkout and select that you’re gifting it. Done.

We really do think that if PSN had a gifting option, more games would be bought digitally. It seems like a win-win, and we have no idea as to why they are against it, especially with how amazing their monthly sales are.

There are a few alternative ways to get around this feature block though:

The alternatives listed will vary with how personal they are, even though the end result is the same. Receiving some money to buy a game you want just seems impersonal, compared to received a $50 PSN gift card.

The disadvantage to these methods though, is that they seldom price-match the PSN store discounts that sometimes run. If you’re buying a PSN gift card though then that won’t really matter.

Hopefully this sums up any queries for “can you gift games on PS4/PSN?”! Happy gifting.

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