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There are two types of people when it comes to RPGs, those who make choices based off of aesthetics, and those who only want the best. For the latter, you’ll want to read on about the weapons listed below, which are the best swords in Genshin Impact, at the time of writing.

Before we begin, it’s important to know that each character excels with specific weapons, thus making the character stronger. Not a foreign concept to most of you, I’m sure. What makes swords interesting though, is that it’s the most common crossover weapon. Meaning that it’s the weapon type that most characters can wield. Therefore, by having some of the best swords in Genshin Impact, you can be sure that you’ll be able to equip your characters with ease.

Best Swords Tier List Genshin Impact

The swords under each tier are in no order. Having said that, S tier is best, and D tier is worst.

  • S tier: Aquila Favonia, The Alley Flash, Prototype Rancour, Skyward Blade, Blackcliff Longsword
  • A tier: The Black Sword, The Flute, Lion’s Roar, Royal Long Sword, Iron String
  • B tier: Sacrificial Sword, Dark Iron Sword, Traveler Handy Sword, Favonius Sword
  • C tier: Skyrider Sword, Harbinger of Dawn, Fillet Blade, Cool Steel
  • D tier: Silver Sword, Dull Blade

As you can probably guess, all swords under S tier are the best ones you could possibly get your hands on. That being said, not all swords are equal in S tier. Below we have outlined a little more information on each of these blades, including why they are in this list, and how they can benefit your characters. Hopefully this extra bit of information and help you decide which S tier sword you equip, if you happen to obtain more than one.

Aquila Favonia – Best Sword

Best Swords In Genshin Impact - Full Tier List 2

Aquila Favonia, an elegant sounding weapon, which some deadly stats. This is the best sword in Genshin Impact, as it has an impressive 48 base damage at level 1. Unsuprisingly though, this is a 5 star sword, which means it’ll take some RNG grinding to obtain.

ATK is increased by 20-40%. Triggers on taking DMG: the soul of the Falcon of the West awakens, holding the banner of the resistance aloft, regenerating HP equal to 100-160% of ATK and dealing 200-320% of ATK as DMG to surrounding enemies. This effect can only occur once every 15s.

Skyward Blade

Best Swords In Genshin Impact - Full Tier List 3

Next up is Skyward Blade, which has a little less damage than the Aquila Favonia at 44 base attack damage at level 1. This is a 5 star weapon, which means you’ll have to be lucky to get this as a drop too.

Crit Rate increased by 4-8%. Gains Skypiercing Might upon using Elemental Burst: Increases Movement SPD by 10%, increases ATK SPD by 10%, and increases the DMG of Normal and Charged Attack hits by 20-40% for 12s.

Blackcliff Longsword

Best Swords In Genshin Impact - Full Tier List 4

Third on the list is the Blackcliff Longsword. It has the same base damage as the Skyward Blade, but its passive excels for characters where most of their damage comes from regular fast attacks.

After defeating an enemy, ATK is increased by 12-24% for 30s. This effect has a maximum of 3 stacks, and the duration of each stack is independent of the others.

The Alley Flash

Best Swords In Genshin Impact - Full Tier List 5

Don’t let the weird, and perhaps slightly badly translated weapon name fool you, The Alley Flash is a great 4 star weapon. It has a base attack of 44 at level 1 and gives the user a boost in damage when they sprint.

Continuously sprinting for at least 1s increases ATK by 28% for 6s. This effect cannot stack.

Prototype Rancour

Best Swords In Genshin Impact - Full Tier List 6

Last up is Prototype Rancour. Another 4 star sword with 44 base damage at level 1, except you can actually obtain it without RNG. You can get this sword after you hit Adventure Rank 10 and forging it.

On hit, Normal or Charged Attacks increase Base ATK and DEF by 4-8% for 6s. Max 4 stacks. Can only occur once every 0.3s.

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