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We know limited workout space may be the major issue for everyone with regards to buying a treadmill. This’s precisely where small treadmills come into the picture. Small treadmills are an excellent choice when space is an issue, particularly in case you intend to run on a regular basis in your apartment, small condo, work, or perhaps the tiny bonus room in your house that you have no use for. As small treadmills are lightweight, affordable and come with a portability factor, this tends to make it much easier for a person to move and store them because of its size.

On the contrary, the majority of the less expensive models of small treadmills are installed with weak motors which how low horsepower. Their folding and lightweight property may cause them to shake while you exercise. This can mean that the compact models somewhat lack the characteristics that the permanently erected treadmills have. Although the low priced models of small treadmills fulfil the cardio and fat loss needs of a typical user quite quickly, they’re insufficiently broad, and the short running area may be a point of concern for tall runners.

In the event that you want a small treadmill as durable as the traditional non-folding treadmill with advanced features, designed for regular home use, which will help you attain your health goals, we have found five of the best that will suit your purpose. We have reviewed these designs with the parameters of the maximum weight capacity of the machine, top speed, warranty, durability, dimensions, motor speed, incline range and of course, price.

Using one of these, as well as my quarterly trips to House of Saab, have really boosted my confidence over the years.

best small treadmill

Choose a small treadmill for your home or apartment

Like with purchasing anything, if you know what you’re looking for, buying a small treadmill can be a walk in the park (which you won’t even need to do once you own a treadmill!). Consider the following points when looking at the different treadmills that are available, so that you purchase the perfect one for your needs and requirements.


Even though these fall under the small treadmill category, it does not imply that they’re cheap and inexpensive. But this also does not mean that they’re costly either. The correct would be that they provide the best value for money. Because once again, they’re probably the best small treadmills and what they purposely lack in size, they compensate in features. Make an effort to maximise your investment by picking out the one that’s within the budget you have set out for yourself. In general, the more costly the treadmill the more features it will have. Once again, a higher price doesn’t always mean much better, know the best features for your purpose and you’ll be all set.

Treadmill use

Determine whether you’re likely to be using it just for walking or whether you intend to perform high amounts of weekly running. As these are small treadmills, specific models may not be suited for those who plan on running over 40 miles per week on it for the foreseeable future.

It’s suggested that in case you intend to make use of it for strenuous physical exercise and sports injury rehab, a quick checkup with a physician is something that should be done before you start.

Advantages and disadvantages

You will find that there are many distinct advantages to owning a small treadmill, with very few disadvantages. They’re great space savers and really simple to move around. On the flipside, one drawback is that since they’re minimal in size, the motor power will be limited, thus restricting the height and weight of the user. Most models are easily suitable for a 90kg user but for someone who exceeds that by a large margin, it will be important to thoroughly look at the models specific features, programs, and the maximum user weight it supports.

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