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Whether you’re going on track, going on a tour, wanting a little extra security, or you just fancy capturing some brilliants rides, getting a helmet camera is a great way to document those action-packed moments and share them with the people around you. You can be creative with the footage, edit and upload it for all your friends to see, or use the footage simply for yourself.

Why buy a motorcycle helmet camera?

Being a biker is more than just riding a motorbike, its also about the friends you make, the roads and tracks you ride, places you visit, and the experiences you encounter along your way, so why not capture them on film? Being able to relive those action-packed moments over and over, as well as sharing them with friends and family is a gift you don’t want to miss out on. Another reason to consider getting a camera for your bike is that of the increase of accidents on the road, and insurance companies are asking for as much proof as possible it’s essential to ensure that you have video proof of your non-fault accidents.

What to look for in motorcycle action cameras


Before you go diving into buying the latest GoPro and dropping a load of cash into it, think of what you’re going to be using the camera for. If you plan on using your camera for your daily 15-minute commute to work and more of a safety precaution in case of an accident, then realistically you don’t need to be spending £300+ on a camera, unless of course, you want to. But if you want a camera to record you track days or ride outs, and you wanting higher quality picture and sound to edit with, then buying a top end camera is a must.


As mentioned above, the quality of the video will change depending on the type of camera you buy. Its the same with most products you buy, the lower the price, the lower the quality. The quality can range between 720p – 4k UHD

Battery life

The battery life of your camera will be dependant on two things, how much you use it, and the quality of your camera. You can expect battery life to be between 1 hour to up to 6 hours if battery packs are used. With some cameras, batteries are interchangeable so you can carry a spare with you, others a rechargeable with battery packs that enable your camera to have a longer life when in use. Remember to charge your camera up the day before so you can get the most from it.


As we’ve touched upon previous, there are some massive price differences between the different range. You can pick up lower end camera with minimal battery life and resolution for around £40, these types of cameras are perfect for those short commutes where you need a little from a camera, whereas the high-end cameras that have high resolution and decent battery life can be up to £600.


Action cameras are built to be put through the extremes, not just on motorbikes, but they’re also used in most extreme sports, so as you can imagine they take their fair share of drops and falls. Some camera comes with waterproof and shatterproof cases to protect your camera, but if you’re spending a lot of money on a camera and it doesn’t come with a protective case then its worth buying one.


Some action cameras have a built-in drive that can hold very little memory, but all action cameras come with an SD memory slot, so to get the most footage from your camera you will need to purchase an SD card alongside your camera.

WIFI and data transfer

Higher end action cameras have built-in wifi that automatically sends your footage directly to your PC, as well as being able to sync up to an app that allows you to download and view the footage from your phone. With other cameras, you will need to transfer your data once you’re back home via SD card.


If you want a little more from your camera, then most of the higher end camera come with wrist straps that allow you to pick and chose when you record by merely pressing a button on your wrist. Also, multiple types mounts can attach to different parts of your bike as well as chest mounts, if you want to switch up the angles or have multiple cameras.

best motorcycle helmet cam

How and where to attach your helmet camera

Picking the correct placement of your camera is crucial in getting exactly what you want from your camera. The mount needs to be firmly attached to a flat, clean surface enable for it to stick correctly, so the positioning of your camera needs to be thought out. It can be hard to find the right placement on most modern motorcycle helmets as they tend to be curved with little or no flat spots, so it’s worth taking a look at your helmet to ensure it will be compatible with the mounts that come with the camera of your choice. Because the mounts attach to your helmet by a sticky base, it can’t be freely moved, so make sure you pick a spot that offers you the vision you need. Once you’ve decided on a spot you need to clean the surface, dry, then attach your mount base, once it’s stuck down, you won’t be able to move it again to make sure the placement is correct.

AKASO Brave 4

First on our list is the AKASO Brave 4 action camera. With built-in electronic stabilisation to give you the clearest footage when you’re hitting those roads. Pick between filming in 4k at 24 fps, or taking a picture at 20MP, so that you can get the most from your adventure sports, and clarity in film when showing it to friends and family. Long gone are the days when you had to panic about your battery lasting, the Brave 4 comes with two rechargeable batteries that can last up to 90 minutes each, which is more than enough. Fancy capturing some other hobbies of yours? Use the multiple mounts and settings to attach your camera to other surfaces, or even taking it swimming with you. Use the waterproof case that comes with the Brave 4 and take your camera up to 30 metres underwater. This camera also comes with a 19 piece accessory pack with multiple mounts and sticky pads giving you a choice to switch up the camera angles. Please note, the wristband is not waterproof.


When we asked the biker community their recommendations on cameras, two cameras were favourites amongst the majority, and they were the Drift Ghost 4k (which we will review below) and the GoPro HERO5. Both are fantastic at capturing high-quality footage as well as being robust and long-lasting. The HERO5 captures your video footage in 4k, giving you that crisp footage that’s perfect for editing and uploading to share with the world especially due to the built-in video stabilisation. Although the HERO5 is small in size, it doesn’t lack any features. It has a simple one-button control that turns on the camera and begins filming, or it can be controlled by your voice, storing all footage on your GoPro cloud, allowing you to access all footage shot from the comfort of your own home, without all the hassle. Once you have your footage ready, you can also use GoPros editing app Quik to edit your videos ready to be shared. The HERO5 comes with a selection of mounts, including a curved mount that sits perfectly around the shape of most helmets, giving you more options of placement. The HERO5 is waterproof of up to 10 metres outside of a protective case.

Preview Product Rating
GoPro Hero5 Session GoPro Hero5 Session 715 Reviews

Drift Ghost 4K

As mentioned previously, the Drift Ghost 4k is one camera that kept being mentioned in our community poll, and for all the right reasons. This camera is in a league of its own, with its slimline design, noise reduction, and 4k ultra-HD 30fps video output and 12MP photo output, there’s no wonder it comes so highly recommended. With modern helmets its sometimes a little tricky finding a suitable surface to attach your camera without sacrificing the angle you want, but not with the Ghost, it has a 330° rotatable lens so even if your camera is in an odd place, you can still get a straight shot of the road. What sets this camera aside from the others is its interchangeable side dock, pick a dock to suit your needs, you can choose between an LCD touchscreen (1.5”) where you can view footage, a battery extender (which gives you up to 6 hours of battery life), a Bluetooth adjustment, or a GPS tracker. Another perk of owning a Drift Ghost camera is its built-in image stabiliser and gyroscope that predicts when it’s going to be needed. Not to mention the Ghost is waterproof up to 60 metres with its specialised casing. With some cameras wind noise has been an issue, but not with the Ghost, it has two microphones, one at the front which is perfect for still or slow-motion footage, and one at the rear which is ideal for faster video footage. Like the GoPro, there is an app that allows you to store data on its cloud and access it through their free app as well as the option to live stream straight to your social media platforms. This camera comes with a wristband control for ease of use. Please note, LDC touchscreen and Battery pack are sold separately.

SHOOT Action Camera

If you’re not too fussed on the added features of the HERO5 or Ghost, and just want something simpler and cheaper, then the Shoot is an excellent place to start, especially if you’re new to capturing and editing footage with a lower budget. The Shoot is probably one of the best cheap motorcycle helmets out there and still has a lot to offer, despite its price, it captures video at either 4K at 25fps, 2.7K at 30FPS, 1080P at 60FPS, or 720P at 120FPS and photos at 14 MP, still giving you excellent video footage. The shoot has a built-in LCD screen on the back, so you can review footage you’ve captures on the spot, so you don’t need to wait until you’re home to take a look. It has built-in WIFI allowing you to sync your phone and camera up through their app ‘Shoot camera’ giving you the option to look over footage and pictures on your phone. Unlike some of the cheaper cameras, the shoot action camera comes with a control wristband and it waterproof in its casing up to 45 metres. Unfortunately, wind noise will be an issue if you were planning on capturing sound during your rides, this is due to the low-quality mic.

Sena Prism

If you’re after a camera that can not only get the road footage but also record your voice, then the Sena Prism is the best camera for you. Perfect for inspiring vloggers as it can record your voice effortlessly through its built-in Bluetooth connection while simultaneously capturing video at either 1080p at 30fps, 720p at 30/60fps, or 480p at up to 120fps. What sets this camera apart from the others is its unique yet straightforward mounts that allow you to switch up your camera placements as you please easily. You can choose between either using single suction cup mount, dual suction cup mount, top surface mount, or handlebar mount, and each one has a quick release feature for easy removal. When the Prism is in its protective case (which is included), it is waterproof up to 40 metres, if you fancied taking it for a swim with you.

YI 4K Plus Sports Action Camera

I’m not saying that I’ve saved the best to last, but this has to be one of the most impressive cameras that I’ve come across. Capture all your adventures in stunning Ultra HD 4K at 60fps with the YI action camera, bringing the latest cutting-edge technology straight to your helmet. The YI has a built-in stabiliser so ensure you get the smoothest footage of your rides, without needed a rig. Not only does it capture brilliant video footage you can also take pictures at 12 MP, all amplified by a 155° wide angled lense. You can control all settings by using the Gorilla glass 2.2” touchscreen which is located at the back of the camera, providing a high-quality UI for its users. Just because you’re filming in 4K HD, doesn’t mean your battery life has to suffer, the YI has an inbuilt Ambarella H2 SOC chip that reduces the battery usage enabling you to get more high-end footage of your rides. If you weren’t sold already, once in its waterproof case, it could be taken down to 40 metres, and unlike other cameras, it can withstand temperatures of -30°C. Like the others, this has built in Wifi so you can sync it up to your phone via the YI action camera app.

Remember to pick yourself up a micro SD card if your camera doesn’t have cloud storage.

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