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Before we delve into our best anime streaming sites list, let’s first look at where it all began; Japan.

Anime, as the word may suggest, is a Japanese word for animation – ranging from cartoons, all the way to standard animated media. However, outside the water borders of Japan, anime refers to a specific style of animated graphics, styles, and themes.

The first documented commercial animation dates to 1917. The art style refined in the 1960s started to spread to other producers towards the end of the twentieth century, which created a large and passionate audience. Anime is distributed in every media channel possible: theatrically, TV broadcasts, DVD/Blu Ray, and streaming via the internet.

The anime industry is booming, with over 430 studios specialising in the genre, including household names like Toei Animation and Studio Ghibli. Even though anime only comprises of a small portion of the domestic market in Japan, anime DVDs are the largest percentage of DVDs sold. The international success to anime stems from English-dubbed versions of the productions. Japanese anime makes up over 60% of the worlds animated shows.

However, if you’re here it’s probably because you want to watch anime online via streaming rather than talking about DVD sales – so let’s continue on to our list, which is in no particular order. – Watch popular anime legally

What list could ever be complete without Crunchyroll? Unlike some of the others on this list, Crunchyroll is completely legal. With a free account, you are able to watch some series with ad breaks but to watch the majority of the collection you will have to fork over a monthly subscription fee of just under $7. With over 950 different animes in its library, it boasts one of the most complete collections on the internet, with the added bonus of it never being shut down out of the blue due to legalities.

You can also browse manga, stay up to date with the latest anime news via their blog section, and talk to like-minded anime enthusiasts via their forums. With a comprehensive rating system, you’ll be sure to lose hundreds of hours just reading and browsing, let alone watching anime. – Watch anime online in high quality

At the time of writing this, KissAnime was/is one of the most popular English-dubbed anime sites on the internet. We say is/was because technically the .ru version doesn’t exist anymore, but clones pop up every time one of them disappears.

The site uses aesthetically pleasing colors and uses an attractive and easily navigatable design. You are able to view their list of animes, view a mobile-optimized version, report bad links, enter a chat room with like-minded individuals, read mangas/books, and even purchase stuff from their shop.

When scrolling down the page, it’s easy to view the latest uploads, as well as the most popular series. You can start watching almost instantly, as soon as you complete a standard captcha. The original site loaded very quickly and the video quality was high quality. Results may vary on any of the clone websites. – English subbed anime online

9Anime is another anime website that utilizes a fantastic looking user interface. This site has a huge collection of material, like others on this list. The majority of the shows uploaded are in high quality, but occasionally there are some that are not HD. If shows are missing, there is a request feature, which allows the team to upload requests – which means that if your favorite show is missing but you want to stay loyal to the site, then you shouldn’t have to leave. The tabs available are Newst, Genre, and Most Watched, which means it super easy to find your preferred anime, or to just pick something that everyone else is watching. There’s even an option to download the anime too, which means you don’t need to mess around with third-party websites or applications.

best anime streaming sites – Watch anime episodes online

Animexd is another site which allows you to watch your favorite anime shows at any time without restriction, so you can divulge in the best anime online 24/7. The episode database is massive and the never-ending lists of anime will mean you will never be able to watch them all in a lifetime. This site is one of the best in terms of content and video quality. The sidebar shows what is currently trending, or you can use the search bar to find something specific. – English dubbed videos

Animeheaven, one of the best-looking anime websites out there! This site has everything from dubbed anime, subbed, and full movies. Tapping a category allows you to find full descriptions of the genre, number of episodes, and release date. Filtering the lists is also super easy. Animeheaven also has a fantastic community forum for you to discuss everything anime related with other enthusiasts. – Largest free anime site

Watching dubbed anime online couldn’t be easiesr with Gogoanime – which will ensure you have a fantastic streaming experience. This site will allow you to access every Japanese anime available, with English subtitles; this means that, although they don’t necessarily have English-dubbed versions, you’ll still be able to read along, assuming you can read English fast enough. The anime collection is very impressive and the video quality is of high-quality. The site has a decent user interface and is easy enough to navigate. There is also a Gogoanime app for smartphones too – which is a lovely bonus.

Just like the other websites, at no cost at all, AnimeFreak offers most subbed and dubbed anime available on the internet. Navigation is very easy to use, and there are menu tabs where you can sort the animes by genre, latest, and popular. The search tabs are a little cluttered but the vast catalog of episodes makes up for it. Also, a newly added feature is their manga uploads, which will allow you to read a vast amount of manga online. The ads are a little intrusive though.

Masterani has quite a unique user interface and is by far one of the best websites to stream online anime. The layout makes it incredibly easy to find your anime of choice. The large thumbnails are a great touch, as well as the general synopsis of each show before you click. Every piece of content comes with a user-rating system, which makes finding the most popular shows a breeze. The ad interruption is almost non-existent – we highly recommend Masterani.

Animeseason is a pleasure to navigate due to its fantastic interface. With sophisticated, the design is very aesthetically clean. When browsing, the tabs allow quick access to full series, highest rated, most recent, genres, and on-going series (those that haven’t released every episode yet). If you click on a title, you will be greeted with a full-length description of the title, including: release date, ratings, summary and more. The majority of the animes were English-subbed. The biggest plus is the lack of adverts on the site.

Like others before it, Chia-anime is another site that allows you to stream the best anime, in the comfort of your own home. This site allows you access to all of your favorite anime titles for the die-hard fans out there. Chia-anime is one of the longest running anime websites of its type, and it seems to evade website bans that others end up receiving every few months. The frequency of their anime updates is pretty impressive, matching even that of Crunchyroll. Another great feature is that there is an in-built option to download as many episodes as you’d like, without using third-party applications or websites.

Final thoughts

This list could go on forever, but we feel it’s best to keep it at a concise ten. Anime streaming websites come and go so often it can sometimes be difficult to keep up to date. What your favorite website was last year, may not exist today. However, it must be noted that we don’t endorse the use of potentially illegal streaming websites, therefore we would recommend that you sign-up to Crunchyroll, as that site is the only legal one from this list.

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