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Although Bellabeat announced a fairly surprising hybrid watch recently, what we are more interested in is their series of Leaf trackers that were launched this year.

While being almost identical to its predecessor, the Bellabeat Leaf Urban, the Chakra’s main change comes from its ability to monitor stress levels.

Priced similarly to the Fitbit Alta HR, the added bonus of wearing a Leaf over a Fitbit is the ease of hiding the tech away from sight. However, the beautifully aesthetic designs created by Bellabeat would likely not make you want to hide it anyway.

Leaf Chakra Design

If you’ve seen or used anything made by Bellabeat, the Leaf Chakra’s design won’t catch you off guard. Unsurprisingly, it’s leaf-shaped, and it’ll blend into your outfit a lot easier than a regular fitness tracker.

The Leaf Chakra is available in two different models; the Love and the Power. The Leak Chakra Love has a silver finish with a rose quartz stone, and the Leaf Chakra Power comes in a rose gold finish with a black onyx stone.

Aside from their obviously good aesthetics, the stones were specifically chosen for their known qualities. Rose quartz is apparently helpful for bringing a positive outlook on things and to help you feel calm, whereas onyx is said to help give you power and strength.

Whether or not a stone has any special properties is irrelevant to us as a reviewer, but it is a nice touch. Perhaps believing that it can actually make a difference will help to placebo your mind into thinking that it is helping? Who knows.

The Chakra isn’t too heavy, even with one of these pretty stones. It weighs in at 19g, whereas the Leaf Urban weighs slightly less, at 16.5g. The Urban is also slightly cheaper.

While there isn’t much difference in weight, if you do plan on wearing the Leaf as jewellery on a thin necklace or bracelet, or clipped onto a thing t-shirt, then we’d recommend the Urban instead.

Bellabeat Leaf Chakra Review

Leaf Chakra activity tracking

The Leaf Chakra is compatible with the Bellabeat app, which is available for iOS and Android. It allows you to set goals, as well as track sleep and your daily activity. However, it won’t be able to record heart rate or routes, due to not having a heart rate monitor or GPS.

After we had played around with the options, we were able to set our goals, and the Chakra started to reliably track our day-to-day activity. Steps, distance, and calories burned were all recorded. It’s worth noting that these statistics are not capable of being tracked properly if you were to run, swim, etc., it’s more for people who want to get in their daily 10-30 minutes of light exercise a day.

Sleep tracking is recorded showing an average over the previous 5 days. It will tell you sleep duration, as well as how restless or calm you were in the night. While basic, it’s good enough to be useful.

Leaf Chakra stress tracking

The Chakra can log the amount of water you drink too, if used with their hefty priced “smart” water bottle; or you could manually input it in yourself. You’ll be able to track in-built meditation sessions, your period, and your calendar.

Another big selling point is that it takes all of the above information and uses its own algorithm to tell you know how sensitive you will be to stress. This can be a good boost, because knowing that you may be more liable to feeling stressed will help you to combat it and not allow yourself to get worked up as much.

Leaf Chakra battery life

Even though battery life in small wearable gear has been increasing over the last couple of years, we still seem to be topping it at about 5-7 days. However, Leaf trackers use the “old style” coin cell batteries, which means it can last up to 6 months, depending on its use. You will receive a tool which allows you to remove the back and replace the battery at will.

After using the tracker for approximately a month, the smartphone app showed it was almost at 100% battery – that is no small feat considering the tracking capabilities of this little device.



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