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Levelling zones in Shadowlands have gone back to how they used to be, in that there is linear progression, based off of your level and story line completion. Bastion is the first questing zone available to those who enter Shadowlands. In this zone you will be introduced to the Kyrian Covenant, Soulbinds, and an assortment of other Shadowlands related lore.

This guide’s aim is to give a run down of important quest lines and locations, as well as other notable lore and secrets found within Bastion. We’ll also give as much information on the Kyrian as possible, so that you can make an informed decision on whether you wish to join their Covenant.

If you’d prefer to look over the Shadowlands expansion as a whole, please check out our Shadowlands overview.

Map of Bastion

Map of Bastion

Bastion Covenant

Bastion Zone Overview 2

The Kyrian Covenant resides in Bastion. Throughout the main questline of Bastion you’ll learn more about these divine beings, who have ascended to an angel-like status, and now act as as guardians for the souls who are transitioning between the living and dead realms. During your adventures you will fight beside the Kyrian, but only by joining their Covenant will you permanently unlock their rewards.

Joining the Kyrian will unlock specific class abilities and cosmetic unlocks. To learn more about this Covenant, please check out our Kyrian Covenant guide.

Bastion gathering Materials

Mining: Laestrite Nugget, Solenium Nugget, Elethium Nugget

Herbalism: Rising Glory, Death Blossom, Nightshade

Skinning: Unknown

Fishing: Silvergill Pike, Lost Sole, Spinefin Piranha, Elysian Thade

Bastion Quests

Bastion has 6 main questlines which are required to complete the meta zone achievement The Path to Ascension. Below we will summarise the story for each questline, which has been obtained from the in-game quest summary.

Eternity’s Call

As you arrived in Bastion you met Kleia, who helped you make contact with the ascended Kalisthene. You were instructed to “follow the path” of the kyrian as if you were an aspirant. After saving Kleia’s soulbind, Pelagos, from a meditation gone awry, you made your way to Aspirant’s Crucible.

The Aspirant’s Crucible

In the Crucible you viewed your deeds in life and trained alongside kyrian aspirants, helping fight against the anima drought in the process. After confronting your own burdens from life you successfully earned the favor of Kalisthene – and access to a portion of Bastion’s power.

The Temple of Purity

Pelagos joined you in the nearby Temple of Purity, where the number of kyrian falling into a darkened state has increase dramatically during the anima drought. Though you tried to save all you could, the fallen have organized into a group known as the Forsworn. The Forsworn launched a surprise attack on the temple that you helped push back. In your confrontation with Lysonia, leader of the assault on Purity, you were able to obtain a fragment of her essence with the Paragon of Purity’s aid.

Chasing a Memory

You took Lysonia’s fragment to The Mnemonic Locus, where the Forgelite Prime Mikanikos helped you uncover an incoming second Forsworn attack somewhere in Bastion.

By the Archon’s Will

In order to warn the Archon of the imminent attack you traveled to Hero’s Rest. You were granted a steward companion of your choosing, who helped you activated the beacon to summon Polemarch Adrestes, herald of the Archon. You entered Elysian Hold, home of the ascended, and finally met with the Archon. She had you inspect the wards protecting Bastion’s five temples, where you came upon a Forsworn Uther the Lightbringer. Uther disable the ward for the Temple of Courage, leaving it vulnerable to attack.

The Temple of Courage

As you, Kleia, and Pelagos, flew to meet Mikanikos at the Temple of Courage you saw a Maldraxxian Necropolis enter the sky above and begin sieging the area. You helped push back the Maldraxxus assault, but at the loss of the Hand of Courage, Thanikos. Xandria, the Paragon of Courage, chased after the necromancer Amarth the Reanimator and his allies deeper within the Necrotic Wake. You were tasked both with aiding her, and informing Oribos of Maldraxxus’ betrayal.

Bastion Instances

Bastion holds home to two dungeons, The Necrotic Wake (40.0, 55.3) and Spires of Ascension (58.4, 28.7).

For more information on the specific dungeons, please check out the corresponding dungeon guides.

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