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Levelling zones in Shadowlands have gone back to how they used to be, in that there is linear progression, based off of your level and story line completion. Ardenweald has a level range of 55-57 and is the third zone available to those who are questing through Shadowlands. In this zone you will be introduced to the Night Fae Covenant, and an assortment of other Shadowlands related lore related to nature and rebirth.

This guide’s aim is to give a run down of important quest lines and locations, as well as other notable lore and secrets found within Ardenweald. We’ll also give as much information on the Night Fae as possible, so that you can make an informed decision on whether you wish to join their Covenant.

If you’d prefer to look over the Shadowlands expansion as a whole, please check out our Shadowlands overview.

Map of Ardenweald

Ardenweald Zone Overview 2

Ardenweald Covenant – Night Fae

Ardenweald Zone Overview 3

The Night Fae Covenant resides in Ardenweald. Throughout the main questline of Ardenweald you’ll learn more about these Druidic people, with emphasis on their ties to mother nature.

Joining the Night Fae will unlock specific class abilities and cosmetic unlocks. To learn more about this Covenant, please check out our Necrolord Covenant guide.

Ardenweald gathering Materials

Mining: Laestrite, Phaedrum, Elethium

Herbalism: Death Blossom, Vigil’s Torch

Skinning: Unknown

Fishing: Unknown

Ardenweald Quests

Ardenweald has a main questline which is required to complete the meta zone achievement. Below we will summarise the story for each questline, which has been obtained from the in-game quest summary.

Ardenweald Instances

Ardenweald holds home to two dungeons, De Other Side (68.7, 66.1) and Mists of Tirna Scithe (35.4, 53.9).

For more information on the specific dungeons, please check out the corresponding dungeon guides.

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