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When looking at some of the most demanded jobs today, writing is never left out. Today, writing can be done by practically anyone, and through the several available tools and editors for writing, the process has been made entirely easy. 

Making write-ups can be a bit difficult, especially if you are new to special concepts of writing. Writing essays, for instance, sometimes might require the use of an essay writing service to help make things a lot easier. 

Over the past few years, mobile users and desktop users have become free to carry out writing. If you are someone who spends a lot of time with your computer, you just might find that writing on your computer is more convenient than writing on your mobile phone. There are several unique tips that can help you optimize the usage of your computer when writing. In this article, we will be diving into a few of them to help you write effectively on your computer. 

Tips For Effective Writing on Your Computer

Below we will be looking at 10 unique tips which are considered as the most useful tips that can help you write on your computer more effectively and efficiently. Many of these tips suggest top workarounds for you to save yourself time, struggle, and equally complete your write-ups on your computer without troubles. Here’s the deal:

Choose the right text editor 

The right editor is very important if you are thinking of writing on your computer. Although this can be a very difficult thing to do due to the vast number of text editors out there, you still have to choose what best suits you. 

To pick the right text editor, look for something that offers the best features you can think of. Make a pick from a list of the most recommended editors which have been placed online by several websites. 

A suitable editor for you, especially if you are just venturing into writing, is one that provides simplicity at its best. This would mean less confusion on your path and equally help you learn the very basics of applying special styles and unique formats to texts. 

Learn keyboard shortcuts 

Keyboard shortcuts are a necessity if you want to be quick and efficient with your work on your computer. Keyboard shortcuts such as “Ctrl + s” and “Ctrl + c”, are very common shortcuts which you can press on your computer’s keyboard. They allow you to save a file and copy the content, respectively. 

Luckily, those two keyboard shortcuts are not the only ones embedded into your computer’s memory. There are many others which are widely used by writers on their computers. You should not be left out of you are going to be using your computer to write too. 

Read the write-ups of others 

Reading the write-ups of others can greatly inspire you on how you can start the first sentence of that write-up you have been struggling to start with. By reading what other writers have written, you get to learn from them and pick up special insights on just what kind of words should be used while writing. 

Install useful tools and software 

Writing on your computer is a good idea. However, the stress involved in writing can be reduced even more if you consider making use of third-party software and unique writing tools. 

Tools such as Grammarly, Hemingwayapp, and many others are perfect for spotting errors in both sentence layout and choice of words. Many of these tools come with extensions that can be embedded into other apps as well as your browser, allowing you to spot mistakes when you are writing and even when you are not writing. Sounds great, right? 

Pay attention to word count 

Word count is a very important feature most writers use practically every time. When writing, you do not wish to overwrite. This can be done by giving yourself a word limit, so you know how to allocate words to each point you see trying to pass across to your readers. 

Word count helps you keep track of how many words you have typed on your computer. This way, you get to understand if you are writing too much, got your readers, or too little. 

Research thoroughly 

Research is key whenever you are writing. Through research, you learn to avoid repeating yourself over and over again. Research is a perfect way for you to easily obtain loads of information and special insights into what you want to write about. This also leaves you with tons of points that can you can emphasize, thereby keeping your readers securely engaged with your write-up. 

Write short sentences

Short sentences are necessary when you are writing on your computer. For most people, reading a long sentence can be stressful and disengaging. Due to this very fact, keeping your sentences short but concise with as much necessary information as possible is a great step towards effective writing. Avoid using very long sentences. 

Always save your work

This is one part keyboard shortcuts can play a good role in. The shortcut which saves files can greatly support you in saving your work as you write on your computer. Writing and saving your work is a great way to avoid losing what you have written as a result of a system malfunction or crash. By saving your work, there’s a very high chance each change you have made to the file will still be intact if there is a system crash. 

Use Icons when possible

Short sentences are not the only way to keep a user engaged and stop them from losing interest. Icons play a vital role in that aspect of writing too. Through icons, you can easily draw a reader’s attention to a specific point in your content. Usually, not all write-ups require the use of icons. However, you should make use of them when possible. 

Use a speech-to-text feature

Sometimes, writers do not always use their keyboard to write. If you are thinking of doing the same, then this is where the speech-to-text or voice-to-text feature comes into the picture. All you will have to do is speak to your computer, and it readily converts your speech to text for readers to engage themselves with. 

10 Useful Tips For Effective Writing on Your Computer 2


Computers are great equipment for writing. If you are looking forward to using your computer to write, the above tips are sure to come in handy to help you do that more efficiently and effectively. Good luck! 

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